open menu & wd’s backyard birds & bugs slideshow

mr. wd and i grew all the flowers, cannabis, and veggie flowers.  given that butterflies and bees have been so scarce over the past few years, i try especially hard to get photos of those glorious and helpful critters.  you’ll notice that i’m blown away by the reproductive parts of flowers, including the wee flowers within flowers within flowers…in some varieties.

we live in southwest colorado between mesa verde national park and the la plata mountains (‘the shining mountains’ to the ute tribes) and given that ordinarily our gardening season is about 90 days, we have to start the annuals in the greenhouse…and hope like hell they mature.  the cannabis we put in walls-of-water until we reckon the last frost is over.

anyhoo, if you click this link, it’ll take you to my ‘flowers’ album on flickr.

in the white space in the right-hand corner below the blue ‘sign up’ box is a rectangular screen icon with an arrow in it.  if you hover your cursor over it, it says ‘toggle slideshow’, and it begins.  when you want to end it, click ‘escape’.

please feel free to download any of the photos for your personal use.  i’m pretty sure that you have to ‘escape’ and download any from the crazy quilt of them (2 pages); there’s a white outline of an arrow with a line under it that signifies ‘download’.  the tall narrow ones are for half-fold cards.  iirc, you can choose the size and resolution you’d like as well.

hope you like ’em.

feel free to discuss what you’d like except perhaps stormy daniels and her…golden globes.  ;-)

6 responses to “open menu & wd’s backyard birds & bugs slideshow

  1. Oh, dear, I am about to foul this gorgeous thread (so far) with a comment concerning my equally gorgeous native land and those whose only inclination seems to be to foul the nests of ours and every other country worldwide.

    I haven’t discovered how to click and paste on here phonewise for links or other text, but if you will travel down under to

    and scroll down to a post that begins “Dear NZ Media…” the short article and especially comments will apprise you of Obama’s doings in the land of the long white cloud far better than my own description. I will only add that the NZHerald, usually pro neocon/lib has a surprisingly thumbs down article on the lavish moneylaundering feast given for O – I guess they are as sick of hearing about the seige of BinLaden as we are.

    • I’m just happy it has started raining heavily there, hope it keeps up!

    • here’s the link. kinda nice to see his ass kicked around, wasn’t it? and jacinda took a bit of a drubbing by some. but ooof on the golf clubs with skulls for the ball-hitting bidness end. isn’t kiwiland where the wealthy are buying up land to wait out, survive the sixth extinction or whatever.

      who was he golfing with, then? was key there, then?

      me, i’m more glad that we got a quarter of an inch of rain over the past two days, myself. ;-) the drought monitor has us at ‘extreme’ drought, one notch higher is ‘exceptional’ they may as well call ‘epic’ or existential’.

      • Yes that was Key, former prime minister. And double yes to rich fat catsbuying up land, houses, you mame it. Last night it rained so hardvit opened up a three meter crevasse in the only access road north of the North Island, , Highway 1, so the communities at the top of that area are cut off. Radio news are warning against trying to get there via 90 Mile Beach, or trying to drive on forest roads and getting lost or stuck.

        Good luck, wealthy people. (Oh and final piece of good news – Hillary is on her way for another speech/screech.)

        • i reckon it doesn’t take a kiwi to know who john key is, woman. ;-) but were they golfing together, as the video was jut a screen shot, it seemed. yep, the comments seemed to indicate that the deposed queen is on her way; lucky them!

          i’d forgotten to mention that we just watched a detective series made in NZ called ‘brokenwood’ that mr wd had gotten from the liberry. my stars it was hard deciphering the language, all long E’s and I’s switched to shorts, an the reverse. mr. wd said he never did twig to wot the ‘ell theey wuz sayin’. ;-)

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