today’s global #FreeAssange! vigils

From June 18: ‘Watch: Rally to Free Julian Assange held in Sydney; “We’re not asking Malcolm Turnbull to defend Assange, we are telling him!”

“Hundreds of people participated in Sunday’s demonstration in Sydney Town Hall Square to demand Julian Assange’s safe return to Australia. The rally, organised by the Socialist Equality Party, featured speeches from SEP Australia national secretary James Cogan and independent journalist and filmmaker John Pilger.”
(just over an hour)

(hope this next ane isn’t redundant; dinnae watch the long one above.))

from whitney webb in london:

There are so many vigils yet to come, but I need to stop now.  You can follow along on #Unity4J and  #FreeAssange

…and a good Juneteenth to all.

7 responses to “today’s global #FreeAssange! vigils

  1. can’t help wishin’ the crowds were all bigger, but more:

    wish you could know that so many care about your fate, and honor you for being the truth-telling journalist you are. i even dreamed of you and your plight last night, mi amigo.

  2. The Australian government is an abomination along with Britains’.
    And do not even get me going on the U.S..
    Assange may die without seeing the sun…
    I’m not optimistic…

  3. this un’s for juliania:
    ‘New Zealand rally demands freedom for Julian Assange’, today (the tom peters video is arrrgh, from facebook, so i can’t bring it.)

  4. wikileaks retweeted:

  5. Thank you, wendye. Just finished watching and listening to both the Tom Peters speech in NZ you linked, and the hour long video in Sydney Town Hall Square, very impressive both! The emphasis was on an ongoing movement, which I feel can only grow, since the generation it appeals to began its political awakening with the Iraq war. Something like what we all experienced when the Vietnam War was our early experience as students and as former students of the mendacity and corrupt warmongering practises of our then governments.

    These are life-changing, searing moments for a whole generation worldwide. The elite who have profited from all of this ongoing tragedy which wikileaks and Julian Assange helped to bring to focus (as did a more honorable press in our day with respect to Vietnam) must indeed be trembling as, in one of Pilger’s quotes “The truth is revolutionary” {Trotsky}.

    In both videos, the mendacity of this and previous governments in Ausstralia and New Zealand are outlined and called to account. History will remember what happens now, and to me it reminds me of the Mandela moment in South Africa. As he found freedom then, so must Julian Assange now. As John Pilger finished saying, it is Malcom Turnbull’s choice to make. The world is watching.

    • loved ‘a searing moment’ and yes, i see your parallels w/ the viet nam generation and the iraq war generation. not to quibble, but mandela was in prison for 27 years before he was freed, and i dunno that assange can take much more of his imprisonment.

      i wish i had your confidence that they are trembling, nor do i think they’re ‘ashamed’ (including the many media who are attacking him, and attacked pilger eventually) as pilger had posited earlier. it’s not clear what additional avenues are open for to explore, given the US wants him in prison, perhaps gitmo, and the hegemonic puppets may, and now lenin moreno w/ his newfound alliance w/ the US military and trade partnership.

      rafael correa must be nigh on to apoplectic by now. re: jennifer robinson at the UNHRC: can the UN do anything at this point? i did belatedly remember to hop on er twit account and found this video of at least part of what she’d said there:

      she is one peach of a woman, i think. thanks for reading and caring, juliania. i spent most of my day trying to get our microsoft email restored after they closed our account last night w/o prior notification. hours of blabber from their ‘support team’ around the globe.

      Q: you can watch videos now? if so, i’ll stop trying to quote from them, lol, as i did w/ rev. wright in the last one. and making a bit of a hash of it along the way… ;-)

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