why was Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou arrested in canada?

Now it would be easy to breeze by the major importance of this barbaric malfeasance cover story, save for the fact that dying empires are apt to find enemies that needn’t be, in the  case of the Western Imperium to exert total command and control of the world, and create enemies to pass legislation and military budgets to ‘fight the __ (fill in the blank) menace’ in this case China, no matter how administrations dress up the term, it’s still the new Axis of Evil doctrine.  Also at play is OBOR geopolitics.

Andre Damon has called it ‘a kidnapping’, and gives some background.  On Dec. 1 she was arrested at the Vancouver airport while changing planes to head to Mexico at the behest of the US justice department, and stuck in jail.  She’s been charged with two counts of fraud for breaking sanctions against Iran by way of a Hong Kong-based  company Skycom sometime in the past (the Guardian had reported 2009-2014) that US officials allege to be a shell company of smart phone giant Huwawei’s. Her arrest hadn’t been announced until Dec. 3, with reports that the US wants Meng extradited so that he can be tried for crimes whose sentences could amount to 60 years.  But that it’s not the issue, just the cover story, will become clear.

Damon reported that the NYT published this ‘bombshell’ the day after Meng’s arrest had stunned the world:

“As Donald Trump was sitting down to dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping last Saturday [at the G20 in buenos aries] to arrange a “truce” in the US-China trade war, the US president was unaware that the unprecedented arrest was about to take place.

This was despite the fact that figures such as Democratic Senator Mark Warner and Republican Senator Richard Burr, as well as National Security Adviser John R. Bolton, were alerted to the arrest. Asked why he did not tell the president, Bolton, who was with Trump at the meeting with Xi, declared inexplicably, “we certainly don’t inform the president on every” notification from the Justice Department.”

Justin Trudeau had also known her arrest was imminent.

But part of Damon’s conclusions were that the US wants command and control of its allies and enemies alike, as in: ‘do our bidding, or you will end up like Meng, or worse.  He’d also concluded that it had been down to the ‘Deep State’ to order her arrest given Herr Hair’s ignorance of her arrest.  He’d narrated the many Very Important Figures (Ds and Rs alike) that agreed with Pence’s proclamations in an Oct. speech in which:

“Pence demanded that Beijing abandon its “Made in China 2025” plan, which Pence claimed was an effort to control “90 percent of the world’s most advanced industries, including robotics, biotechnology and artificial intelligence.” 

Some applauded Weng’s arrest, noting that the Orange One hadn’t been hard enough on ‘the Great Competitor China’; some media was silent.  The US trade rep scoffed at the notion that her arrest would stop the negotiations with China in their tracks, claiming this wasn’t a trade issue, but a law enforcement issue.  Ho, ho, ho

China, of course, is not amused.  A number of quotes via RT, Dec. 10: inhumane, has been subjected to rude and degrading treatment, It seems that the Canadian detention facility is not offering her the necessary health care,”, and those are just about her prison stay.  China has had a hella lot more to say on her arrest (wsws.org).  One I’d admired was ‘The Chinese people are crying’.

Apparently the 5-eyes NSA nations have begun to blockade Huawei devices and wireless networks because Huawei’s 5G encryption can’t be busted by the NSA (according to ‘AI Superpowers : China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order’ by Kai-Fu Lee — the author worked for Google in the Valley and in China with the start-ups)  while US devices often have built-in backdoors for spying exploits, rather easily obtained by threats to the manufacturers, and NOT because they fear Chinese Spying by Huawei.

Wsws (link above) also quotes Marco Rubio as declaring that he would introduce legislation to ban the companies from operating in the US. Huawei and ZTE and multiple Chinese companies pose a threat to our national interests, our national economic interests and our national security interests”.

Symonds quotes:

“‘Tom Holland of Gavekal Research pointed out last Friday that 33 of Huawei’s 92 main suppliers are US companies, including chipmakers Intel, Qualcomm, and Micron, and software firms Microsoft and Oracle. “If Washington now prohibits these companies from selling to Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant will struggle to survive,” Holland wrote in a note.’  (Well, that’s part of the point isn’t it? Those sneaky yellow devils will spy on us, and beat us in the IT competition to boot!  Can’t have that after Obomba’s ‘pivot to Asia’, and DT’s ‘Great Competitors’ doctrine.

Huwawei’s 5G wireless network is for smart phones, robotics, including kitchen appliances, and driverless cars, iirc.

Her bail hearing lasted for four days, but she was granted it. According to RT:

“Meng’s bail, already steep at C$10 million including C$7.5 million cash, also included five sureties or guarantors. She is required to turn over all passports and travel documents and cannot apply for new documents. Additionally, she must be accompanied by a security detail when leaving her residence and is required to wear an ankle bracelet to ensure she does not leave her residence between the hours of 11pm and 6am.”

“However, the judge acknowledged that Meng has no criminal record in China or elsewhere and that she was arrested on a provisional warrant. The US has not made an official extradition request.  [my understanding is that the Feb. 6 date will be an extradition hearing, which the judge posited could take many months.]

“The conditions of Meng’s bail require her to remain in British Columbia and live at one of her Vancouver homes. She must permit the security companies overseeing her monitoring to gain access to that home and pay for all security costs associated with her surveillance.

She is due back in court on February 6. In a statement, Huawei said it had “every confidence the Canadian and US legal systems will reach a just conclusion in the following proceedings.”

The same RT piece quotes Trump:

“US President Trump said he might intervene on behalf of Huawei’s CFO if it benefits US trade interests with China. Meng Wanzhou, whose bail includes strict conditions, faces extradition to the US and up to 30 years in prison.

“If I think it’s good for what will certainly be the largest trade deal ever made – which is a very important thing – what’s good for national security – I would certainly intervene if I thought it was necessary,” Trump told Reuters. He has spoken with the Justice Department and Chinese officials about Meng’s case.”

Whatever the hell that means.

Huawei Launches Full Range of 5G End-to-End Product Solutions’,  Feb 26, 2018, huwaiwei.com (It’s all geek to me)

China and Russia have been both helping out the beleaguered by illegal  sanctions Venezuela, and Washington ain’t likn’ it one bit..

Now you may remember this anonymous charity video: ‘Anonymous Message: “Integrity Initiative” The Collective is Under Attack. 11/24/2018, one part from a very inspirational and topical message of ending our slavery under the elites, and a number of call-yourselves-to-arms…if you will shake off your fears.

Not only will censorship make it impossible to real news to be on public platforms and social media, but 5G eliminates the possibilities of encryption.  It will eliminate the Deep Web, and will thereby eliminate Us, the anonymous charity.”

Does he mean all 5G, Usian, British, and Chinese?  On all devices not just SmartPhones?  Beats me.  I know you’ll share what you know, believe, and so on any or all of this recent ploy against a multi-polar world.

on edit 12/13: b at MOA’s covering the gangsterism, and he’s quoted this evidence of Western abject hypocr’sy from Jeffrey Sachs (???); the asia times had grabbed it :

“Meng is charged with violating US sanctions on Iran. Yet consider her arrest in the context of the large number of companies, US and non-US, that have violated US sanctions against Iran and other countries. In 2011, for example, JPMorgan Chase paid US$88.3 million in fines for violating US sanctions against Cuba, Iran and Sudan. Yet chief executive officer Jamie Dimon wasn’t grabbed off a plane and whisked into custody.

And JPMorgan Chase was hardly alone in violating US sanctions. Since 2010, the following major financial institutions paid fines for violating US sanctions: Banco do Brasil, Bank of America, Bank of Guam, Bank of Moscow, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Clearstream Banking, Commerzbank, Compass, Crédit Agricole, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ING, Intesa Sanpaolo, JP Morgan Chase, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, National Bank of Pakistan, PayPal, RBS (ABN Amro), Société Générale, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Trans-Pacific National Bank (now known as Beacon Business Bank), Standard Chartered, and Wells Fargo.

None of the CEOs or CFOs of these sanction-busting banks was arrested and taken into custody for these violations. In all of these cases, the corporation – rather than an individual manager – was held accountable. Nor were they held accountable for the pervasive lawbreaking in the lead-up to or aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, for which the banks paid a staggering $243 billion in fines, according to a recent tally.”

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10 responses to “why was Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou arrested in canada?

  1. What? That anonymous doofus says 5G makes the Anonymous liberation impossible? OMG, comrade. Libertarians are doomed! HA HA HA HA HA HA.

    He sure do love hand-waving.

    Anyway, Meng Wazhou’s liberties were violated because:
    * China does not gang up on Iran.
    * China can develop superior tech
    * Booga booga.

    China already long knows how Enlightened thugs operate. They do not shudder.

  2. It does seem from Trump’s statement that he intends to profit from the arrest when it comes to trade issues, but my overriding thought is: who would not have seen that locating intellectual property overseas invites losing it? Karlof1 at MoA used the analagy of the fingertrap woven cylinder we’ve all had fun with. The harder you pull away, the tighter it gets. I’d compare that, for China, to the Putin analogy of judo technique, for Russia. Your opponent strikes and is overcome by his own velocity.

    I think they’ve both got us figured out.

  3. ‘chinese handcuffs’ is the woven straw toy. but i’m in dark as to what you might mean here: who would not have seen that locating intellectual property overseas invites losing it? huwawei has many factories in the US, and yes, wsws is reporting that trump’s trade negotiators have won some concessions. a major issue is that chinese devices are uses as spycraft, which is pot-kettle calling given the amerikan weakening of lotus encryption in overseas sales, and so on. ‘the us is worried about chinese via huwawei spying because it did the same’


    coverage of this issue is getting increasingly wild, if not unreliable, i think. but this isn’t over by any means, as it’s war by other means. wsws has three new pieces up today, and i can’t begin to make sense of the three in any coherent fashion. but then my eyes and brain are exhausted by now. but the great satan means to own and control the globe, that’s at the core of all of it.

  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_City_%26_the_City
    We see the ongoing efforts to create “the city and the city” in the world of virtual reality, communications, etc. in this example of trying to block 5G technology from certain markets. Now why you or I should care about blocking China from access to such tools requires some leaps of capitalist faith & logic. Won’t “market forces” and “market efficiency” be aided by people using the same tools to communicate, esp in these gigantic markets w/billions of “consumers”? oh right, capitalism is BS.

    anyway, as awful as all this is, it is the reality of capitalist competition, i.e., economy is a form of warfare and social stratification. And we see in real time capitalists creating class structure from nothing in the world of virtual reality, by imposition of user fees, bandwidth restrictions, censorship, etc., as well as the usual capitalist disastrous failure in distribution of anything. the rich get better phone service, period. Access to technology enforces class structure at home & is a tool of intrigue & warfare abroad.

    Of course, USAians have zero context in which to place the charge against this person, living in an enforced ignorance in which they believe that Herr Trump’s biz dealings w/Russia or whoever are unique crimes and not par for the course for his class. In which Russia is attacking the US, etc., etc. whodda thunk US businesses et al violate US law all the time?

    be well ya’ll.

    • mornin’, j of 9. as i understand it re: ‘free market rules’, it’s that chinese 5G is lightning fast, inexpensive, with encryption hard for the nsa to break, which is how the five eyes gripes came so alive. the cover story of weng and fraud to break iranian sanctions is simply stupid, and as jeffrey sachs had noted in his long list: fines are always the response, not arrests and imprisonment.

      a fellow over yonder had posited what you have here, as in: who cares about a war among capitalist oligarchs, but to me this is just another step in the ‘war against the great competitors’ with the Western Great Satans unable to cede one iota of global power, and blaming china for built-in spy tech, when the west’s telecoms are happy to oblige w/ back door exploits.

      i did see a reuters piece that said china made a law in 2015 that huwawei and zte would be made to comply with encryption unlocking keys (or whatever the term is) if law anti-terror police required it, which allegedly pissed off tim cook of apple, but i take that in the ‘ho, ho as if’ spirit.

      you be well, too. and hola! today’s my birthday. i’m 99 today if i did the math right. ; )

      • so those commies in China are making faster, better stuff than the free marketeers? commies aren’t supposed to do that! (I know, they aren’t really commies, but still.)

        when very public figures are locked away in embassies and kidnapped on other sovereign soil of foreign powers, like airports, it’s not a good sign. the law is about appearances & lip service & tokenism & symbolism, procedures and rituals. through desperation, recklessness, greed, stupidity, what have you, the US & its allies feel little need to pay even token homage to the appearance of law. why wiggle & squirm & feint & shuck & jive & do even a tiny flex of the knee before the law if it’s not needed? such fakery takes some thought and wastes valuable Hulk smash time. why bother? so expect more smashing. “there will be a great rubbing of parts,” per one of the mad end-of-the-world prophets in Life of Brian.

        • lol: hulk smash time’. perfect. but even the egregious sanctions on VZ, iran, russia, where else (?) are illegal under international law. but as you say: why even pretend to pay attention to the law? what USian constitution? what an arcane document!

          you got elections to sort it all out, ya idiots! and oh, now that midterms are over…we’re gearin’ up for 2020!!!! as with assange, now the US is saying ‘we haven’t decided to request meng’s extradition yet.’ wtf?

  5. at least it’s official now re: the five eyes and huwawei and zte 5G:

    “Five Eyes” intelligence agencies behind drive against Chinese telecom giant Huawei’, Nick Beams, 14 December 2018, wsws

    “According to a major report published in the Australian Financial Review (AFR) yesterday, the annual meeting of top intelligence officials from countries in the network—the US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada—held last July decided to “co-ordinate banning” Huawei from 5G mobile phone networks.

    In the months that followed “an unprecedented campaign” has been waged by the five members of the network “to block the tech giant Huawei from supplying equipment for their next-generation wireless networks” which has now led to the arrest of Meng in Canada.

    The article then noted that on December 6, the head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), David Vigneault, who had hosted the Five Eyes meeting, delivered his first public speech warning of a security threat.

    “CSIS has seen a trend of state-sponsored espionage in fields that are crucial to Canada’s ability to build and sustain a prosperous, knowledge-based economy,” he said, referencing artificial intelligence, quantum technology and 5G. China was not mentioned specifically but there was no doubt it was the target and Canada is expected to shortly announce a ban on Huawei and ZTE.”

    “The key attendee at the meeting was CIA director Gina Haspel. The US has been leading the push against China, has already banned Huawei and has been waging an international campaign to have its equipment banned by other strategic allies beyond the Five Eyes group.”

    and of course other western nations are following suit, plus japan.


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