Likely sabotage of VZ hydroelectric power plant

‘Venezuela blames sabotage & ‘US electricity war’ after major power outage’,, 8 Mar, 2019

“Thousands of commuters in Caracas had to walk home as a power outage shut down the capital’s subway, resulting in massive traffic jams.The lights also went out in the largest airport of Caracas.

The outage was caused by “deliberate sabotage” at the Guri hydroelectric power plant, which provides most of the country’s energy, local media reported. The presumed saboteurs are likely linked to the US-backed opposition, Venezuela’s electric energy minister, Luis Motta Dominguez, claimed on national TV.
The minister pointed out that US Senator Marco Rubio, who is leading a fierce campaign to oust Maduro, tweeted about the outage just minutes after the emergency occurred.”

‘Venezuelan VP: Marco Rubio Behind Nation-Wide Blackout Sabotage’,, March 8, 2019

“Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced late Thursday that President Nicolas Maduro ordered schools and offices be shut on Friday in order to speed up the repairs of the Venezuelan electric system, which was attacked by far-right groups Thursday afternoon.

In a press conference, the Vice President denounced that Venezuela’s blackout was caused by far-right groups encouraged by U.S. politicians. Among these, she referred to Marco Rubio, a Republican Senator from Florida hostile to the Venezuelan government, who posted a tweet just 3 minutes after the blackout began.

“We want to send a message to the international community: just three minutes after the attack, Marco Rubio, once again, as a crime reporter, reported on the event that was happening in our country,” Rodriguez said and added “Mr. Rubio, I want to inform you that, in a few hours, the Venezuelan people and the international community will know the truth. We’ll know that your rotten hands – supported by your lackeys who permanently attack the Venezuelan people – are involved in this event.”

One might be tempted to pass this off as Paranoid Conspiracy Theory, but given the backstory, I won’t call it that.

First, the opposition’s initial ‘Deadline: Feb. 23’ coup was to be ‘failure to let the (Trojan Horse) ‘humanitarian aid’ convoys into the ‘starving and dying’ citizens of VZ.  #Fizzle, because the military and police stood strong.

Next  gambit was Gauido’s return to a Caracas airport from his eleven-day tour to LIMA nations to drum up support for a military intervention.  He was met at the airport by ambassadors from Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and several other countries which gathered at the arrival gate to huddle around him like a high-profile human shield.  Pompeo, had warned that if Maduro interfered (arrested, we assume) with Guaido in any way: there would be consequences.  The Maduro government ignored Guadio.  #Fizzle.

Guaido was welcomed by rallies in his honor, and the next day he’d claimed that the result of his meetings with trade union bureaucrats was that they’d agreed to massive worker strikes in the near future, no dates specified.

Although:  Two days later the VZ government had declared German ambassador Daniel Kriener persona non grata over what it called “interference into its internal affairs”.

On March 7 had reported on a bloomberg news article claiming that:

“An armed force of some 200 Venezuelan military defectors and mercenaries was mobilized on Venezuela’s border with Colombia last month in a bid to force through Washington’s Trojan Horse “humanitarian aid” convoy organized with the aim of fomenting a military coup against President Nicolas Maduro and a potential civil war in the South American country, and that this armed provocation was stopped at the last minute by the Colombian government, which feared that a violent clash on its border with Venezuela could escalate into a military confrontation between the two countries.”

“The report indicated that the armed contingent assembled on Colombian soil was led by retired Gen. Cliver Alcala, a dubious figure who went into exile in Colombia after denouncing the Maduro government. A confidante of the late President Hugo Chavez, who participated in his abortive 1992 military coup in Venezuela, Alcala was one of the first senior Venezuelan military officers to be sanctioned by the US government in 2011, accused of organizing trade in guns and drugs with the Colombian FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) guerrillas.”

@SecPompeo /SecPompeo  ”Maduro’s policies bring nothing but darkness.”

@SecPompeo   “No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro.”

Marco Rubio at his most clever.

Note: March 7  More armed troops at the border?

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15 responses to “Likely sabotage of VZ hydroelectric power plant

  1. two additions among many:

    ““The Right Wing Opposition Amnesty and National Reconciliation Bill (Proyecto de Ley de Amnistía y Reconciliación Nacional, in Spanish) makes its stipulations retroactive to 1st January 1999, and in 45 articles, covers all manner of felonies and crimes committed up to the moment it becomes law (which, in the unlikely event of being approved, might be this year, 2016) when would be officially promulgated in the country’s National Gazette (Art.2, p.6). As we shall see below, the political felonies and crimes it covers are comprehensive since the bill’s scope ranges from misdemeanour at a public rally to terrorist acts involving explosives and firearms. The choice of period gives the game away since it includes ALL the illegal, criminal and law-breaking political acts perpetrated since 1999 by Opposition leaders and their supporters throughout the governments of both Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.”

    amnesty shall be granted for:

    a) Incitement to disobey the law, incitement to hatred and crime apology;
    b. Incitement to crime;
    c. Assault and battery;
    d. Violence or resistance to authority, and disobedience to authority;
    e. Causing panic in the community or keeping it under distress by the dissemination of false information;
    f. Conspiracy;
    g. Obstruction of public roads with the aim to set up fire and other attacks against passing vehicles;
    h. Damaging transportation systems as well as public IT and communication;
    i. Destruction or damaging of roads and related infrastructure for public communication;
    j. Property damage;
    k. Conspiracy and terrorism;
    l. Importation, manufacture, possession, supply or concealment of explosives or incendiary devices;
    m. Disturbance of public peace;
    n. Insulting a civil servant, in its various forms;
    o. Use of minors to commit crimes;
    p. Arson and other crimes involving danger for the public in general, in various forms;
    q. Treason and other crimes against the Nation;
    r. Rebellion and other related offences;
    s. Mutiny, civil rebellion, treason, military rebellion, incitement to military rebellion, uprising, false alarm, attack and insult to the sentry, disclosure of military secrets, offense to military decorum, misuse of badges medals and military ranks, and theft of items belonging to the Armed Force;
    t. Denial of legally due services;
    u. Concealment;
    v. Illegal possession and misuse of firearms, and the felony of illegal possession of firearms, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of firearms in public places;
    w. Damage to facilities of the National Electric System; and
    x. “Other related offences or those that appear closely related to any of the above.” (Amnesty and National Reconciliation Bill, pp. 9-10)

    and always remember philip agee: usaid and ned are plausible covers for cia: ‘Former CIA agent tells: How US infiltrates “civil society” to overthrow governments

  2. “God help the babies in incubators”. Fuck the devil-worshiping Pompeo.

    • yup. that was micro rubio as abby martin calls him, but they all said it. it worked to get rid of saddam, yes?

      rubio prays on twitter; always so lovely to see…. i should have unwound the long list of ‘immunities for crimes’ bill above, and will soon; pretty stark stuff.

  3. The US attracts compradors incomparablemente who make run-of-the-mill compradors retch.

  4. bernhard at MoA put this up yesterday, i’m too tired to comb thru it. been gettin’ my 1961 singer sewing machine ready to go to the hospital. the bobbin winder’s broken, and i’ve been having to wind them by hand to mend all the things that need mending. they want $160 just to look at it… bah.

    Venezuela – Three Total Blackouts In Three Days – Government Presumes U.S. Cyberattack

    • It will take a cyberattack on vital U.S. systems with long lasting effects to change its malicious standpoint and behavior.

      Weaally? Is that when regime change starts in country? Might it rather be when US wingnutz cut loose? US very programmed to aggressive reaction. Why does b assert it will be otherwise next time?

      There’s a cadre who see US as paper tiger. Too bad it’s capitol of final solution insanity, b.

  5. The Administration’s aggressive actions and rhetoric play into the Venezuelan government’s narrative that the country’s problems are the result of U.S. intervention, helping shore up Maduro’s support base and diverting attention from what is fundamentally a domestic problem.

    Such creative wiggling!!! (Crapitalists want geopolitics back under the sheepskin.)

    • and “We strongly condemn the Maduro government’s actions, including repression of Venezuelan civil society, failed economic policy, the killing of unarmed protestors, disregard for the rule of law, the holding of unfair elections, and blocking humanitarian aid from entering the country.” and
      these are the progressives and new DSAs.

      more rubio:

      telesur, after 3 days of cyber attacks on the hydroplant:

      “Venezuelan Communication and Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez says it is “false” that there were 79 deaths in hospitals across Venezuela as a result of the country’s electrical attack as many mainstream media are reporting.

      “Seventy nine deaths. This is false,” declared Rodriguez in a Friday press conference.

      “This is false because President Maduro already had already installed a generator system in all hospitals knowing that this type of energy attack could occur,” said the minister.

      Hospital administrators at the public General Hospital Lidice told teleSUR correspondents the hospital experienced no blackout because the generator system kicked in when the electrical system went down two days ago.

      “When the light went out the electrical generator was automatically activated,” a hospital doctor told teleSUR.

      “They didn’t know we had a generator system set up to prevent from happening everything they are saying has happened,” Rodriguez said referring to the widely ciruculating claim by mainstream media outlets that 79 people died within the first day of the sabotage on the Venezuelan electrical system.

      U.S. Senator Marco Rubio tweeted about the energy event just minutes after it happened (the first one), indicating he had prior knowledge of the outage.”

  6. They didn’t know we had a generator system set up to prevent from happening everything they are saying has happened.

    O. Too polite. Should be, “Dumb fucks think we don’t have the expertise for well designed hospital care. Or they tell stupid Amerikkkans that we don’t. Poor Amerikkkans kept like mushrooms in that shithouse.”

    • rotflmao!

      but i betcha if i clicked into the guardian, wapo, and NY slimes they’d be reporting exactly what micro rubio said, w/ a scant nod to what the maduro gummit claims.

      a commenter on this thread at c99% had reminded us of this, but i did refresh (what’s left of) my memory tht it was nixon, kissinger, and the chicago boys economists (milton friedman and pals) who’d made the economy truly scream. wiki had it that salvador allended had committed suicide, and that daughter issabella believed it, but many others didn’t buy it for a minute.

  7. morning additions:
    thanks, waPo for being so supportive of guaido the king:

    from stephen lendman:

    “If malware similar to Stuxnet was used against Venezuela’s power grid, the problem could linger for months, parts of the country continued to be affected by outages for some time.
    Maduro’s government will need to marshal considerable technical expertise to fully resolve things – the type cybersecurity/anti-virus/security software skills Russia-based multinational firm Kaspersky Lab can provide.
    It can also identify the attack’s source and lay blame where it belongs – the US most likely responsible. It clearly has motive, opportunity and expertise – waging war on Venezuela by other means to topple its government and gain another imperial trophy.

    If the malware infection is widespread, continued outages may happen until the problem is fully resolved. Resolution may take months, disruption in the country persisting, clearly the motive behind the attack.”

  8. Hey, CIA, you s’posed 2b ‘gainst Trumpf yet all yer methods are now almost in the open. Zat because Trump is a bad tool or a good tool? Maybe’s you airin’ out the sheepskin and you kinda like your dick flappin’ in the wind?

  9. arf arf! good comrade!

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