fascist Modi twists the screws even more tightly on Kashmiris

This is some of the backstory; I’d high-jacked one of my own recent threads when I’d seen this evil news on Twitter by Sameera Khan, as I must have written a dozen diaries on Kashhmir and the genocidaire Modi’s failure to hold a self-determination plebiscite over the past several years, among his many other dark deeds perpetrated on his own citizens.

‘India to build Israeli style “settlements” in Kashmir’, Ayesha Alam, crescent international  (a few bits):

The people of Kashmir have suffered decades of Indian military occupation and aggression including rape, torture and mass killings. Now the Hindu fascist Bharatiya Janata Party plans to build Israeli-style settlements for Hindus in Kashmir.

Since 1947, the pristine, mountainous region of Kashmir has been the site of internecine and state violence, the natural beauty a reproach to the bloodletting, incarceration and rapes inflicted on its long suffering population. Kashmir is the site of nationalism gone amok, with both the Indian and Pakistani militaries fighting along the tenuous Line of Control or strategic hot points such as the Siachen glacier in order to maintain control. Numerous activists, including Indian writer Arundhati Roy, have sought to bring to light the atrocities suffered by the Muslim majority population at the hands of Indian military and other security personnel. Now the stakes have become higher.

Kashmir’s resistance movement has often taken inspiration from Palestine, modeling itself after the Palestinian intifadah. It is no surprise that India, a loyal ally of the US-Israeli nexus, should leaf through the Israeli occupation’s playbook. In recent years, India has been importing advanced cutting edge weaponry from the United States and Israel in order to bring the Kashmiri resistance movement under control.” [snip]

“Now Narendra Modi’s government is planning to build Israeli-style “settlements” (actually, colonies) to relocate Hindu Pandits who it argues had to leave the region in the 1990s after the emergence of the Kashmiri resistance movement against Indian military occupation. On April 9, Modi’s ultra-conservative, fascist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) declared that Kashmiri pandits should be returned to the high-conflict region, and demanded a “secure zone for those want to return to their homeland.”

“We are very much clear and we want the return and resettlement of the Kashmiri Pandit community in the Kashmir valley in a dignified manner,” said Ravinder Raina, the BJP member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). “They must be given secure environment. They should not go and live in scattered places in their villages, they need proper security zones for their survival.” In other words, this is a road map for expanding draconian surveillance networks and Israeli-style checkpoints throughout the Kashmir region to ensure the “security” of the Hindu pandits at the expense of the Muslim residents struggling for their mere breath.” [long snip]

“Kashmir’s tragedy is akin to the tragedy of the Palestinians, looking for a way to realize their rights and freedoms being crushed by hyper militarized states. The Hindu Nazis have found their soulmates in the Zionist aggressors and land grabbers. There will be no criticism in the corporate owned Western media of the Hindu Nazis because India is viewed as a lucrative market for doing business with. True, there are potentially 300 million consumers in India with surplus cash for western luxury goods but there are also more than 400 million Indians living in absolute poverty. Many of them sleep on sidewalks or in shantytowns. Their plight is of little concern to the western do-gooders.”

I’d added more on the BJP executive coup revoking article 370 in kashmir and jammu:

India’s Hindu supremacist government abrogates Kashmir’s autonomy’, Keith Jones, 6 August 2019, wsws.org. (i’m not altogether sure he isn’t too critical of imran khan’s part, but that may be my bias speaking.) briefly:

“India’s Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government illegally stripped Jammu and Kashmir, the country’s only Muslim-majority state, of its special constitutional status Monday, and split it into two Union Territories. One is comprised of the Jammu and Kashmir divisions of the now abolished state, and the other of the sparsely populated, but geostrategically significant, Ladakh region.

Through actions that are tantamount to a constitutional coup, the Indian state has not just abrogated the broad autonomy that Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) enjoyed—at least on paper—under articles 370 and 35 (A) of the Indian constitution. The new governments of the bifurcated state have been given a status inferior to that of the Indian Union’s remaining 28 states, enabling New Delhi to exercise wide powers over the territories’ affairs in perpetuity.” [snip]

“Fearing mass popular opposition to its actions, the BJP government has poured tens of thousands of additional troops into Jammu and Kashmir, cut off internet, cell phone and landline access across much of the region, including in Srinagar, J&K’s summer capital, and arrested prominent opposition politicians. As of midnight yesterday, several districts, including Srinagar and Jammu, have been placed under Section 144 of the Criminal Code, meaning all gatherings of more than four people are prohibited.” [snip]
“Pakistan, for its part, has sought to manipulate the mass alienation from New Delhi among the Muslims of the Kashmir Valley to further its own reactionary agenda. This has included sidelining secular Kashmiri nationalists, while providing arms and other logistical support to Islamist anti-Indian Kashmiri insurgents.”

[Imran Khan denies harboring the above, but it was one of the reasons John Bolton had given when he’d green-lighted India to bomb Pakistan six months ago or so.]

“In 2016, two years after Narendra Modi and his BJP came to power in New Delhi, a new wave of mass protests erupted in J&K. The BJP government’s response was twofold: to order a vicious crackdown, which left over a hundred dead and thousands of protesters, the overwhelming majority of them young people, blinded; and to ratchet up tensions with Pakistan. First in September 2016 and again this February, the Modi government ordered military strikes inside Pakistan in what it claimed was retaliation for Pakistan-supported terrorist attacks. The latter “surgical strike” resulted in a Pakistani counterattack and a dogfight over disputed Kashmir that brought South Asia’s nuclear-armed rivals the closest they have been to all-out war since 1971.”

But the bottom line for ‘the west’?

“The Modi government, however, calculates that its provocative steps in Kashmir and incitement of communal reaction will occasion no more than handwringing from the Western powers—and above all US imperialism—which are assiduously promoting India as a military-strategic counterweight to China. According to news reports, New Delhi is on the verge of signing the third and final of three “foundational” documents with Washington providing the framework for joint Indo-US military operations. India has already agreed to open its military bases for use by US warplanes and battleships.”

I’d been wracking my brain for the name of this odious and evil law, and here it is in: Report details Indian security forces use of torture against Kashmiri people’, Wasantha Rupasinghe, 23 July 2019

“Titled Torture: Indian State’s Instrument of Control in Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir, the report is, in its own words, “the first ever comprehensive report on the phenomenon of torture in Jammu and Kashmir perpetrated by the Indian State from 1990 onwards.”

The 550-page document was published by the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) and the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS). It gives a detailed account of cruelties practiced by Indian security forces in J&K, through an examination of 432 individuals who were subjected to various types of torture, including water-boarding, beatings with iron rods and leather belts, and electric shocks to the genitals.”

“For the past three decades, J&K has been under de facto military rule, with over half a million Indian Army troops and other security forces deployed in a state with a population of just 13 million people.

In 1990, the Indian armed forces were given sweeping powers to arrest civilians, and even use lethal force against “unlawful assembles,” under “The Armed Forces (Jammu and Kashmir) Special Powers Ordinance” and then, with parliament’s blessing, “The Armed Forces (Jammu and Kashmir) Special Powers Act, 1990 (AFSPA).”

“Tens of thousands of people, most of them civilians, have been killed in the Kashmir conflict. According to estimates, “more than 8,000 people have been subjected to enforced or involuntary disappearances since 1990,” notes the Torture report.”

b at Moon of alabama had the cursed news up as well.

For further exploration at Kashmir Awareness:

‘The world cannot remain silent as India attempts to devour occupied Kashmir and crush its people’, August 8, 2019
And 28 pages of articles speaking to the long-ago promised ‘Self-determination plebiscite for Kashmir.

And this report yesterday:

 ‘To enforce Monday’s constitutional coup India dramatically intensifies repression in Kashmir’, Keith Jones, 8 August 2019, wsws.org

“India’s Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government is mounting an unprecedented military-security crackdown in the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region to quell popular opposition to the patently illegal changes that it has made to the region’s government and relations with the central government.

Underscoring the BJP government’s reactionary antidemocratic aims, these changes were conceived in secret and implemented by stealth, in a conspiracy orchestrated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his henchman, Home Secretary Amit Shah, and the country’s president, Ram Nath Kovind, himself a long-time cadre of the far-right Hindu chauvinist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), together with the most senior members of the state bureaucracy and the army and intelligence agencies.

Not only were the people of Jammu and Kashmir not forewarned and their elected representatives not consulted about the impending changes. India’s so-called supreme law was modified behind the backs of the entire population, including the most senior leaders of the opposition and the BJP’s own allies in the governing National Democratic Alliance. To provide a pseudo-democratic cover for this conspiracy, the BJP subsequently had parliament pass two motions endorsing the changes to J&K’s constitutional status, borders and government, but even then debate was limited to just a few hours.

Kashmir under a state of siege

At least a hundred prominent political leaders, including the foremost spokesmen of the traditional pro-Indian section of J&K’s Muslim elite, have been arrested. These include two former J&K chief ministers—People’s Democratic Party leader Mehbooba Mufti and J&K National Conference head Omar Abdullah—and the chairman of the J&K People’s Conference, Sajjad Gani Lone.”

By today?  It looks even worse today according to the Twittersphere.

Please take your fake Namasté rubbish on a one-way ticket to the nearest asteroid; if you had a divine soul, you’d share it, you bastard.

Sameera Khan had retweeted both of the following:

this one’s real pip, and not what he’d told RT.co, but never mind.

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