and now they’re coming after eco-socialist evo morales

How did I not see this coming?  This first Tweet is from the self-same fellow also reTweets bellingcat (online crowd-sourced journalism.  So now add #SOSBolivia, #SOSVZ, #SOSCuba, the whole list.  << Oh, and see the rally today in Florida at the link?  ‘R2PVenezuela.  Now that one I have seen coming for a long time…and thank you to all D progressives who’ve criminalized Maduro’s ‘regime’ in the name of…some lying drivel or other…  Oh!  the ordinary people he’s murdering and starving; I remember now!

Sure, dude; the global south socialists know what USAID looks like: guns and barbed wire for the opposition on ‘aid’ convoys, who knows what on planes?  But just a coincidence in timing?

The video of his speech is on youtube, the translator’s voice is too loud.  But this is the bastard ecosocialist and allies who’d given the planet the following document back in 2010, and the document was taken by Indigenous caravan to the side meetings they’d dubbed ‘The People’s Summit’ at the Rio 2012 Sustainability Conference, as the Indigenous hadn’t been allowed into The Big Tent.  Other Indigenous documents were brought as well, Kari-Oka II, for one.   How tragic for the planet that their cries and analyses were totally ignored!  This is long, but I’ll quote the first sentence:

World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth;  Building the People’s World Movement for Mother Earth’

People’s Agreement of Cochabamba  April 24, 2010 World People’s Conference on Climate Change  and the Rights of Mother Earth, April 22nd, Cochabamba, Bolivia


“Today, our Mother Earth is wounded and the future of humanity is in danger.”

But now Evo Morales = Jair Bolsonaro, and it was Evo’s fault and agro-policies that so much of the Bolivian part of the Amazon Rain Forest burned.  Telesur had covered some of the sites blaming him at the time, but most sound like this one from the Guardian: ‘Murderer of nature’: Evo Morales blamed as Bolivia battles devastating fires;  Firefighters try to control a fire near Charagua, close to the border with Paraguay; Furious locals say president is culpable over unprecedented destruction of wildlife’, Dan Collyns in La Chiquitanía, Sept 2, 2019.  The BBC, NPR, NYT, all featured the same.

The truth may be out there, but the world likely never hear it.  Maybe he really has turned into a neo-liberal slash-and-burn oigarch.  But I admit I tend to believe his side of the story, including in terms of what resources he’d mobilized, and early videos from Reuters, et. al. showing him donning No-Mex to help fight the fires.  Yeah, a publicity photo-op for certain, but that’s okay.

UN Recognizes Bolivia’s Efforts in Combatting Amazon Fires’, August 27, 2019, telesur english

“Bolivia has significantly stepped up efforts to combat fires that have affected the country, especially in the tri border area between Brazil and Paraguay.

On Sunday, Morales announced that the government had mobilized “2,000 soldiers and 450 police firefighters who along with volunteers are supported by 4 helicopters, three planes and the Supertanker who are working to control the fire. We will continue to reinforce these operations”

Then on Monday, it was announced that the number of those mobilized against the fire had gone up to 4000. This includes firefighters, soldiers, police, volunteers and veterinarians to treat displaced animals.

The government has also set out plans to purchase the ‘supertanker’ that they are currently leasing. The ‘Supertanker’ is a Boeing 747, thought to be the world’s largest air tanker, capable of carrying 150,000 litres of water, equivalent to around 100 regular air tankers.”

Apparently there have been moves afoot to tank support for Evo before the next election:

Looks like Bolivia’s about ready for a joint R2P project, or at least a VZ Juan Guaido/Leopold Lopez/CIA golpista insurrection, doesn’t it?

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