durham & barr’s investigation of the Spooky origins of russia-gate expands

‘Barr & Durham travel to Rome, as walls close in on [Russia-gate’s] mysterious Professor Mifsud (Video)’,
October 10, 2019, raymcgovern.com

Ray links to the Oct. 8, 2019 duran.com video (25 minutes; but worth it), he explains:

“The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the highly unusual trip to Rome, Italy, taken by U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Russiagate-origin-Investigator, John Durham.  Their ostensible purpose was to listen to a secret tape of Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud, the man many believe is the contracted spy who kicked off the Mueller investigation.  They did more, of course, than simply listen to a tape.

The origins of Russiagate are about to unravel. The trip to Rome, plus the expected results of the investigation of those who approved the FISA warrants for surveillance of Carter Page, which is led by Justice Department IG Michael Horowitz, have seriously rattled the Democrats, corporate media, and other aficionados of the Russia-gate caper.  The best defense being an aggressive offense, they came up not only with “Ukraine-gate,” but also with an “impeachment inquiry!” The “inquiry” appears to be on shaky legal/constitutional grounds and Trump’s lawyers today explained why he refuses to cooperate.  Hold onto your hats.”
From the duran.com, Oct. 8, 2019:

“The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the stunning trip to Rome, Italy taken by US Attorney General Barr and Russiagate investigator, John Durham, in order to hear a secret tape of Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud…the man many believe is the contracted spy who kicked off the Mueller investigation.

(a craptastic wd rush transcript in case you can’t want to take the time to watch):

‘mercouris finds the fact that both durham and barr went to rome solely to listen to a tape of deposition by mifsud a bit barmy, thus he concludes they must have gone together to meet with other people, but apparently they hadn’t met with mifsud himself.  that suggests to him that he’s under someone’s protection, as in: some nation’s intelligence community.  it’s clearly not russia’s, and that nation’s spooks are attempting to negotiate terms under which barr and durham could have access to him, whether in rome or the US by DoJ investigators.  and if he’s correct, it means that mifsud is in fact an intelligence officer.  he calls the event a Huge Event, and he’s guessing he works for MI-5 or MI-6. 

he notes that one of the parts of george papadopoulos’s  testimony was that there’s a british spy school in rome, and that rome was also where the FBI had met with christpoher steele.

alex christoforu adds that downer of australia was also in the UK; mercouris speaks at lenght about the intimacy between the UK and australia as part of the british commonwealth, as in: wholesale intelligence sharing.

who’s next?  your guess: steele and julian assange, others in the british intelligence service, and ukraine.  plus a baltic state: latvia, estonia?

christoforou asks in effect, ‘does the fact that durham and barr got on the plane spooking the dems, and they fabricated the whole ukraine-gate psyop?

mercouris laughs and answers that the dems are terrified of this, of course there was an enormous amount of collusion between the dems, the US intelligence community, and the media, all three of which are NOW terrified. 

and bear in mind, he says…FBI inspector general horowitz’s report on the origins of russia-gate is coming out soon, and is already being vetted by the justice dept. to make sure it doesn’t contain any classified material.  he says he’d forgotten to mention that there are reports that the state dept. has re-opened an investigation into SoS clinton’s misuse of a private email server.

christofou: throw crazy joe under the bus who cares, the deep state wants liz warren.  (the rest is an ad for their site ad their products, including a mug of sergei lavrov, best diplomat on the planet.)

On the screen was some text of this article at the daily beast (?):

‘Barr Went to Rome to Hear a Secret Tape From Joseph Mifsud, the Professor Who Helped Ignite the Russia Probe; The U.S. attorney general traveled to Italy to meet with Italian secret service agents—and, potentially, undermine the Mueller investigation, Oct. 1, 2019 (one snippet):

“Three weeks before the FBI opened the investigation, Stefan Halper, a longtime FBI informant and retired professor, met at the University of Cambridge with Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Halper would have contact with Trump advisers Sam Clovis and George Papadopoulos later in the campaign.”

Also on the page at the duran is:

Via The Washington Examiner… (some excerpts)

“Barr and Durham listened to a taped deposition of Mifsud at the U.S. Embassy in Rome as well as met with Italian security officials who provided them with other information that the Italian government had on Mifsud, according to the Daily Beast. Mifsud explained why he was leaving his job at Rome’s Link University and asked for police protection, claiming that his life might be endangered.

The Trump administration’s interest in Mifsud likely stems from a 2016 conversation in which Mifsud allegedly told Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos about possible Russian dirt on then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos allegedly mentioned this to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, who passed it to the Australian government, who passed it to the United States, leading to the official launch of the Trump-Russia investigation in July 2016.

The Australian government is also cooperating with Barr in his efforts, and the DOJ said last week that Barr and Durham were reaching out to foreign governments for help.

“Mr. Durham is gathering information from numerous sources, including a number of foreign countries,” DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said. “At Attorney General Barr’s request, the president has contacted other countries to ask them to introduce the attorney general and Mr. Durham to appropriate officials.”

Stephan Roh, a lawyer who says he represents Mifsud and shared a picture of Mifsud allegedly signing a power of attorney in 2018, told the Washington Examiner that Mifsud “is in Italy, at least until recently.” But Roh said Mifsud, whose whereabouts are unknown, hadn’t contacted him in a while.

Mifsud denied he told Papadopoulos the Russians had Clinton’s emails, and Roh claims his client cooperated with Western intelligence, not Russian intelligence, aligning with what some GOP investigators have said. Roh previously said Durham was seeking an interview with Mifsud, but it was not clear if Durham and Barr were doing so.

Papadopoulos has claimed Mifsud has “connections to Italian intelligence.”

The Mueller report confirmed the role information from Mifsud played in prompting the FBI “to open an investigation into whether individuals associated with the Trump campaign were coordinating with the Russian government in its interference activities.” The investigation “did not establish” any criminal conspiracy between the Kremlin and anyone associated with Trump.

Mueller’s report said Mifsud “had connections to Russia” and “maintained various Russian contacts.” Mueller also said Mifsud misled investigators when they questioned him, but he was not charged. As part of Mueller’s Russia investigation, Papadopoulos pleaded guilty in 2017 to making false statements to the FBI about his contacts with Mifsud and served 12 days in prison late last year.

Republicans have alleged that foreign intelligence agencies, like those in Western Europe, may have played a role in monitoring Trump associates in 2016.

Durham’s investigation is separate from the one just finished by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. The DOJ watchdog investigated allegations of abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by the DOJ and the FBI, and Horowitz has spoken with Durham, who is handling any criminal referrals from Horowitz’s investigation.” (the pdf is here.)

A bit of a primer on Mifsud from realclearpolitics.com, Aug. 2, 2109: Starting to Unravel the Mystery of Joseph Mifsud’ (a few outtakes):

“Perhaps Mifsud isn’t under indictment because he can’t be found. But, of course, Mueller’s team indicted a dozen Russian military intelligence officers, GRU agents safely in Russia and beyond the special counsel’s legal reach. Even if Mifsud were hiding out in Russia, why wouldn’t the special prosecutor indict him? The “guy who launches everything, the guy who puts this whole story in motion, you can’t charge him,” Jordan said. “I think that’s amazing.”

“I can’t get into the evidentiary filings.” Mueller said.

Jordan asked, “When the Special Counsel’s Office interviewed Mifsud, did he lie to you guys too?”

“Can’t get into that.”

“Did you interview Mifsud?”

“Can’t get into that.”

“Is Mifsud Western intelligence or Russian intelligence?”

Can’t get into that.”

That’s an awfully consequential question to be outside the special counsel’s purview, one consequential enough to be worth asking until an answer can be found.”

“As Lee Smith has reported for RealClearInvestigations, “Although Mifsud has traveled many times to Russia and has contacts with Russian academics, his closest public ties are to Western governments, politicians, and institutions, including the CIA, FBI and British intelligence services.” One of his jobs was to train diplomats, police officers, and intelligence officers at schools in London and Rome, where he lived and worked for years.

Now that Republicans are openly asking whether Mifsud might be a Western intelligence agent, they are posing the possibility that Mifsud’s approach to Papadopoulos was a counterintelligence sting rather than a Russian operation. These were questions Robert Mueller would not or could not answer.

Because they are essential to making sense of how the Russia affair began and what it is all about, the questions about Mifsud won’t go away. Nunes says, “We’re just trying to find out who this guy really is.”

Now were I part of Mueller and Durham’s investigations of the Spooks behind Russia-gate, I’d want a boatload of these US Spooks Palace Coup against Trump deposed as well:

Ninety former national security officials under the Obama and Bush administrations—and three who served for a period under Donald Trump—have signed an “Open Letter to the American People” defending the CIA officer, as yet unidentified, whose whistleblower complaint has become the basis for the House of Representatives opening an impeachment inquiry into the president.” (Patrick Martin, wsws)

Julian Assange?  Well, as he’s dying in Belmarsh Gitmo’s hospital wing, and can barley speak coherently, that ain’t gonna happen.  And when he was subpoenaed by the Senate intelligence committee, his attorneys said: Not without safe passage, which obviously never came.

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6 responses to “durham & barr’s investigation of the Spooky origins of russia-gate expands

  1. Thanks wendye – you are doing a stellar job! (I should say it is my selfish self saying that – I have no other grounds as yet since I have only started to read, but I do love these recent posts for their positive aspects – as anyone would who has family to think of.) I will spend the rest of this murky Friday carefully following what you have dug up – and more power to you!

    OT – over at odt.co.nz I see that a bad NZ operation way back in the early Afghanistan days has been brought into focus by a new Nicky Hager book – a military operation in which a civilian child was killed that has been denied up until now.

    But I digress, back to your piece.

  2. Thanks again, wendye. I’m noticing no mention of NZ in all of this and other conversations swirling around russiagate, but they did mention Australia, so I went on a dailyblog hunt to see what the chat was there – nada. The site has been completely revamped and scarcely anything international at all appears there. However I did find the following in their ‘Raw News’ section:


    This does relate to the comment that Australia is connected to the UK via commonwealth ties as is New Zealand, but Mercouri steered clear of describing the Five Eyes connection, as maybe that is too hot to handle or, even a deeper maybe, out of date?

    I suspect security in New Zealand has taken on a slightly different turn of the screw since the Christchurch massacres. You may have more sense of this, but my sense is the country is very much pulling in its horns, like the big snails I used to play with as a child. I will read further and let you know.

    • nicky hager is another brave and true journalist, and i know why you honor him so. this isn’t so much an NSA five-eyes investigation as i understand it, but an investigation of the spooky origins of russia gate, or at least where they’re headed so far.

      now it may be that a kiwi spook will turn out to be involved, and i do hope durhan and barr will seriously follow the breadcrumbs, including the US spooks. but given muller’s earlier feints and dodges about mifsud, i do sometimes wonder…

      a fellow over yonder who reads and watches at the duran every day, honors this investigation as ‘eye-opening’, even to an epic fan of mercouris and christoforou. i’ll bring another mind-bending analogy by commenter levymg soon as i take care of a few chores.

  3. from levymg at c99%:

    Echoes Niger yellowcake forgeries – Rome & MI6 & Ledeen & CIA

    Same locations and spook networks that produced the Niger Yellowcake forgeries that served as the basis for Bush & Cheney’s fraudulent case for the Iraq War.

    The MI6 “school” in Rome really reverberates. Recall this international cast of characters and locales:

    In his January 2003 State of the Union speech, U.S. President George W. Bush said, “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” This single sentence is now known as “the Sixteen Words.” The administration later conceded that evidence in support of the claim was inconclusive and stated, “These sixteen words should never have been included.” The administration attributed the “error” to the CIA.
    the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee (FAC).[25] The committee comprises fourteen Members of Parliament from government and opposition parties, and has permanent cross-party support.They examined and tested several key claims in the September Dossier, Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Assessment of the British Government, including the topic of uranium acquisition.

    In June and July, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw testified that the claim in the dossier rested on separate evidence to the fraudulent documents, and that this specific intelligence, obtained from a foreign government, was still under review and had not been shared with the CIA.

    By late 2003, the trail of the documents had been partially uncovered. They were obtained by a “security consultant” (and former agent of the precursor agency to SISMI, the SID), Rocco Martino, from Italian military intelligence (SISMI)
    It is as yet unknown how Italian intelligence came by the documents and why they were not given directly to the US. According to a 2003 article in The New Yorker by Seymour Hersh, the forgery may have been a deliberate entrapment by current and former CIA officers to settle a score against Cheney and other neoconservatives. Hersh recounts how a former officer told him that “somebody deliberately let something false get in there.” Hersh continues:

    He became more forthcoming in subsequent months, eventually saying that a small group of disgruntled retired C.I.A. clandestine operators had banded together in the late summer of last year and drafted the fraudulent documents themselves.

    “The agency guys were so pissed at Cheney”, the former officer said. “They said, ‘O.K, we’re going to put the bite on these guys.'” My source said that he was first told of the fabrication late last year, at one of the many holiday gatherings in the Washington area of past and present C.I.A. officials. “Everyone was bragging about it—’Here’s what we did. It was cool, cool, cool.'” These retirees, he said, had superb contacts among current officers in the agency and were informed in detail of the sismi intelligence.]

    In an interview published 7 April 2005, Cannistraro was asked by Ian Masters what he would say if it were asserted that the source of the forgery was former National Security Council and State Department consultant Michael Ledeen. (Ledeen had also allegedly been a liaison between the United States Intelligence Community and SISMI two decades earlier.) Cannistraro answered by saying: “you’d be very close”.

    Smoke and mirrors and echoes. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends . . .

  4. It indeed is a long, long trail back through all the misdeeds to the horrible events in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only silver lining to it all being that the innocence of the US public (in thinking it could still have a voice in changing course, or that whatever it saw as illegal and corrupt could possibly sway the mad rush to war) – that innocence has been shredded. Is that a silver lining? Well, it is and it isn’t as once eyes are open, as you have further said, a sadness descends because it was perhaps a happier condition that we have lost, and not yet gained the fruits of efforts made.

    The surging tide of malice may be on the turn but it still beats upon the shore as not enough of the old sick guard have departed as yet. Toothless they bare their gums and that’s a sad sight.

    Yes, turn away to the bear dancing, wendye. Good on ye. I am painting and making my way through the old texts with new, opened eyes. Le soleil luit…

    • i’ve sncerely lost touch with what the USian public believes or knows, juliania, given almost all western media is full of agitprop, no what the average amerikan believes about war, and no what they signal in polls, but truly believe or admire inside.

      of the D candidates for prez, all her supporters and even some alternative media, just love miz gabbard for opposing ‘regime change’ wars. what an empty basket that is, imo, when she can criminalize the maduro ‘regime’, but say that other thing. or when she votes for every sanction increase on russia iran, cuba, where else? and say ‘but no regime change’.

      guess i don’t have any faith in the young Ds, either, as they’re epitomized by ‘the squad’, phony-baloney as the day is long.

      glad to hear you’re painting, ww. and i did finally remember to send your card (apologies again for my handwriting…arrrgh. we’re in the meat-grinder here again, the third tribulation is that the septic line backed up yesterday morning. can’t use any drains, etc., and oh: my kingdom for an outhouse again!

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