the Incredible Royal Lightness of Being


‘Prince Charles encourages jobless people to ‘pick fruit and veg’ during pandemic; The Prince of Wales has issued a rallying cry on behalf of the ‘Pick for Britain’ campaign, which is hoping to fill some of the 80,000 fruit and vegetable picking jobs usually filled by EU workers;,, May 19, 2020

“The Prince of Wales has come out in support of the Pick for Britain campaign, which aims to get people toiling in Britain’s fields.

It had been hoped that 80,000 jobs which are usually filled by seasonal workers from the EU would be taken by students and those out of work.

The royal described the work of picking fruit and vegetables as “unglamorous and, at times, challenging”, but said the work was “hugely important” to avoid food waste.

In a video message recorded at his Scottish home of Birkhall, Charles said: “At this time of great uncertainty many of our normal routines and regular patterns of life are being challenged.”
“If the last few weeks have proved anything, it is that food is precious and valued and it cannot be taken for granted.

This is why the great movement of the Second World War – the Land Army – is being rediscovered in the newly-created ‘Pick for Britain’ campaign.

Prince Charles’s intervention comes after a difficult few early weeks for the campaign.”

‘You first then’: Prince Charles’ plea to Brits to ‘Pick for Britain’ during Covid-19 crisis provokes anger’, 19 May, 2020,

Why on earth would they be cross with the poor, poor Prince of Wales?  After all, he’s a farmer, too!

@cordeliers: ‘Life after coronavirus as imagined by Prince Charles:

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4 responses to “the Incredible Royal Lightness of Being

  1. Hi Wendy and long time no see! (For some reason I haven’t been able to comment on your blog for quite some time but I have been reading.) Still shaking my head over Charlie’s approval of Brit. gov’s latest bright idea. The ptb really would have us back in the 1940’s. (Imho the Brexiteers should be the first to head for the fields.) Haven’t been quite sure, for the last couple of years, if the UK or the US in the worst shape. Now I know it’s the former. Hope all well with you and yours.

    • how good it is to see you, jane! i can’t imagine why your comments don’t come through. i try to keep up with what goes to spam or trash, and when i’d (duh) finally figured out there was one post from 2017 most came from, it cleared things up a lot. if it happens again, please feel free to email me at it’s also on the registration and contact me on the right side bar.

      i can’t imagine things are worse in the UK, but then… oh, and just went and grabbed the url image for price william being carried on a litter in africa. gawd’s blood, the monarchy.

      ah, yeah, we’re just livin’ the dream, lol. (i jacked it from a frozen food stocker at a grocery store west of here who mr. wd sees most weeks).

      stay safe and healthy, best ♥ t you and yours.

  2. Thank you Wendy:)

    In the UK commenting on any thread which doesn’t “tow the party line” can be problematic from time to time. (Yes, even Scotland!) As regards the US and the UK: You have Trump and we have Johnson. Unfortunately they have much in common so believe we are in similar boats. (That being said, don’t much like your choices for November.)

    Your image of William? Sigh…doesn’t this just say it all?

    Thanks again and you too, stay safe and well.

  3. wide grin: someone recently asked me if café babylon were permissive of various viewpoints or not. well, i’d said, it’s my juke joint, and while i’ve never banned anyone, i’ve asked different folks to move on from time to time, or just stopped responding to them. as in: thread highjackers, abject drunks not commenting on a diary, those who believe in chemtrail intentional geo-engineering, corona-virus being caused by huawei 5-g technology, and the like, but most esp. aggravating: smearhing julian assange.

    which reminds me, i’d meant to ask if you’d been following craig murray’s dilemma, having been found in contempt of court in the trial of alex salmond. here’s his newest.

    folks have sure rallied for him, providing money for his defense, although with so many things to pay attention to, i haven’t kept up with it all.

    i agree that boJo and boss tweet have a lot in common, although i do believe that obomba opened the door to ‘a trump’ in many respects.

    i’ve ben watching events in VZ carefully for years, and right now iran has sent 5 tankers-ful of gasoline to that beleaguered-by-US sanctions (as is iran), and it may not go well, of course. but last i’d heard their arrival date was forecast as early june, so we’ll see. but it’s all ‘war by other means’ in terms of sanctions, piracy at sea, and so on. anyhoo, i will include this fukkery frrom the UK when i do write it up:

    Revealed: Secretive British unit planning for ‘reconstruction’ of Venezuela’, John McEvoy,, May 13, 2020

    so yes, it depends on where one sits, which issues are most important to a person, and what one’s suffering under each of their mis-rules.

    bless you and yours; and solidarity, jane24!

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