Global March Against Monsanto on May 25, 2013 plus GMO Breaking News

Last week Colorado Public Television 12 aired Gary Null’s ‘Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs’.  I’d transcribed some parts of it before I found this abbreviated version, so some of what I’ve written below will be redundant.  Hope you figure that sometimes ‘twice is nice’, even if it’s…‘twice as horrid’ in this case.

The new scientific discoveries concerning the process of ingesting GMO foods, and the effects of exogenous micro RNA’s on organ function were explained more fully in the full-length version, but the short versions here are still helpful.  Null should have made the complete documentary available on youtube, imo, but that’s a whole ‘nother subject.


(As an aside: This post describes the amendment to the 2013 Agricultural Appropriations bill that they are calling the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’.  Barring a major citizen pushback, it will be included in next year’s full appropriation bill.)

Unfortunately, the full length version was aired on a station pledge drive night, so you have to scoot the Advance Bar forward 25 or 30 minutes a couple times.  But it’s worth it; different speakers explain the science of crop gene-splicing better than others I’ve seen yet; most especially at about 1:40 forward.  Bruce Lipton explains why human behavior is deep into creating the Sixth Mass Extinction on Earth.   Truly comprehending that vast amounts of farmland soil are being systematically ruined by killing the beneficial micro-organisms that allow plant roots to uptake soil nutrients is depressing as hell.  Plants weaken, thus are far less resistant to disease.  In addition, no one knows how long, or even if, the soil can be brought back to health.  Consider also how much herbicide will have leached into the soil, and into aquifers and will have run off into rivers and lakes.

The experts interviewd explain that the unintended consequences of jamming foreign genes into a plant’s DNA has unpredictable result, and can cause different genes to switch on and off in rather willy-nilly manner.  This, they say, can create great confusion in the chemical reactions in an organism (accompanied by great graphics) are both fascinating and horrific.  The disruption to the DNA structure can lead to imbalances in gene functions, resulting in the potential for creating novel toxins and allergens.  Think how many of us are increasingly allergic or sensitive to different pollens and foods; the answer might be found with GMO food consumption.  Consider also what it means that most of us now have Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) zombie corn in our guts; little factories creating our very own bug killers, and how radically that may be affecting the largely beneficial bacteria in our digestive systems.

And that fact is made more obscene when we learn that even corn larvae are adapting to that innovative, high tech, world-saving genetic modification!  Oopsie; foiled by Mother Nature again; and cotton, too?  Well, garsh, Mickey; the only answer is to use more, and better, insecticides, of course.  (I hope I’ve gotten this stuff mostly right; it’s not my line.)

You can watch Mike Adams of Natural News explain more about the new discoveries concerning consuming GMO crops and how organ functions can be altered by micro RNA here.

In addition to the more common gene splicing, at about 1:44, Bruce Lipton explains that the study of Epigenetics has found a class of molecule called ‘micro RNA’s’, and when they are spliced in, ‘when we eat RNA-tweaked food, the micro RNA is picked up by our digestive systems and not broken down, and they end up in our cells; they our genetics, and change the readout of our genome.  We’re eating a class of micro RNAs that have never been in the world before.’  The process is irreversible.  ‘They change the actual beneficial gut bacteria that help immune responses, and alter the genetics of our own cells.’  Gosh, wouldn’t you be proud of patenting these genes, hiding the fact on labels, and killing massive amounts of soil, water, reproductive and other endocrine health in animals, fish, rats, insects and humans just for the fun and profit of controlling the world’s food supply?

You can read Isabella Kenfield’s post about Revolving Door Monsanto Maestro Michael Taylor at Counterpunch here.  He is Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Taylor is featured in the documentaries The Future of Food and The World According to Monsanto as a pertinent example since he is a lawyer who has spent the last few decades moving between Monsanto and the FDA and USDA.

If you’re looking for more damning evidence of Monsanto and other GMO failures, lies and insane risks, here is ‘GMO Crop Likely Tipping Point: Obama USDA to Fast-Track Zombie Crops and Okay Agent Orange 2,4-D Resistant Crops’.  The terrifying video on the long-term French study on the effects of three RoundUp-ready maize varieties on rats can be seen here.  Warning: the tumors the rats developed are hideous to see.

Now, I’ll get to the May 25 global actions against Monsanto at the end, but first, there have been a few interesting related developments.  On May 12, the ever classy corporate shill Cass Sunstein, writing at Bloomberg News, had this helpful advice for legislators: ‘Don’t Mandate Labeling for Gene-Altered Foods’.  You may get a boot out of his crap reasoning and lies, as in “there is a risk that a compulsory label for GM food would confuse, mislead and alarm consumers, potentially causing economic harm, not least to consumers themselves”, and anyway ya idiots, you’re eating a whale of a lot of them already.  (Thank you, and may your hair and teeth fall out tonight, Cass.)  But clearly the timing of his piece was in his puppet masters’ reactions to a few recent pieces in the news.

One was the introduction of H.R. 1699 on April 24: Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act introduced by Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Jared Polis (D-CO).  From

(The) legislation that would require the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to clearly label genetically engineered (GE) foods so that consumers can make informed choices about what they eat. This bill was also introduced in the U.S. Senate by Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

“Despite the prevalence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in grocery stores and prepared foods, it remains difficult if not impossible for consumers to determine if the foods they eat contain GMOs,” Representative Polis said. “This labeling bill is about empowering consumers: consumers can choose to eat or not eat GMOs, or to pay more or less for GMOs. I believe consumers have a right to know what they are eating so they can make their own informed food choices. I am proud to be working toward more informative food labels.” [snip]

According to surveys, more than 90 percent of Americans support the labeling of genetically engineered foods. In fact, many consumers are surprised to learn that GE foods are not already labeled. Currently, the FDA requires the labeling of over 3,000 ingredients, additives and processes, but the agency has resisted labels for genetically modified foods. In a 1992 policy statement, the FDA allowed GE foods to be marketed without labeling, claiming that these foods were not “materially” different from other foods because the genetic differences could not be recognized by taste, smell or other senses. [snip]

More than one and a half million Americans have filed comments with the FDA urging the agency to label GE foods. The bipartisan legislation introduced today would require clear labels for genetically engineered whole foods and processed foods, including fish and seafood. The measure would direct the FDA to write new labeling standards that are consistent with U.S. labeling standards and international standards. Sixty-four countries around the world already require the labeling of GE foods, including all the member nations of the European Union, Russia, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.

The second item was that Wenonah Hunter’s expose was published on May 14: Monsanto and other GM firms are winning in the US – and globally: The US State Department has sadly joined the push to distribute GM crops around the world, whether people want them or not’.  She heads Food and Water Watch, and their group issued a report after analyzing over 900 Wikileaked State Department cables, and discovered just how far ‘the Biotech Ambassadors’ had gone in promoting GMO seeds around the world in their ‘global agenda’ between 2005 and 2009  As you read, please imagine how much further they will have gone by now, given the high monetary stakes of both the nearly complete evil TPP trade agreement, that would force signatory nations to accept biotech imports with no recourse under the law to seek damages, commercialize biotech crops and prevent the labeling of GM foods.  No language has apparently been leaked on the looming Transatlantic EU one; more about that in a moment.  From Hunter, after she spells out some specifics on the cables:

Monsanto was a great beneficiary of the State Department’s taxpayer-funded diplomacy, helping pave the way for the cultivation of its seeds abroad: the company appeared in 6.1% of the biotech cables analyzed between 2005 and 2009 from 21 countries. The embassy in South Africa even informed Monsanto and Pioneer about two recently vacated positions in the agency that provided biotech oversight, suggesting that the companies advance “qualified applicants” to fill the position. Some embassies even attempted to facilitate favorable outcomes for intellectual property law and patent issues that would benefit the company.

The cables also show extensive lobbying against in-country efforts to require labeling of GM foods. In 2008, the Hong Kong consulate “played a key role” in convincing regulators to abandon a proposed mandatory labeling requirement. One in eight cables from 42 nations between 2005 and 2009 addressed biotech-labeling requirements.

The vast influence that Monsanto and the biotech seed industry have on our foreign affairs is just one tentacle of a beast comprised by a handful of huge corporations who wield enormous power over most food policy in the United States. Thanks, Monsanto. And thanks, State Department. Not only are you selling seeds, you’re selling out democracy.

Heidi Moore, writing at the Guardian on May 15 also, speculates that given GMO resistance in many EU member nations, the provisions over zombie food could actually improve food grown, processed, and labeled in the US:

The sheer dollar value of a trade agreement – think of all those lovely dollars that we could use to boost our anemic GDP – means that the EU has financial clout in the US.

In fact, the EU has enough clout to finally convince the US government to clean up America’s food supply, long given over to factory farming and the economic demands of agribusiness. If America wants to export more beef, chicken and crops to the European Union, it will have to make better products. The EU won’t stand for the ones we’re peddling now.

The EU looks down on American food safety and production practices, and with good reason. American meat production is heavily reliant on chemicals, from hormones to chlorine-bleach baths, and European officials and consumers largely reject these treatments and standards.

In the US, Big Agriculture calls the shots; the European Union argues that it shouldn’t. A trade deal would be the testing ground for a battle over food standards to play out.

From Moore’s keyboard to the goddess’s ears, but do stay tuned to those coming negotiations.  And remember, at the head of Commerce soon will be: tada!  Penny Pritzker!

Also interesting was that on May 10, 2013, another Bloomberg piece reported that:  ‘Monsanto, Dow Crops Face Delays as U.S. Boosts Scrutiny’. It’s no special victory given the details, but may indicate that the public has made enough outcry to the crap environmental assessments (not product studies) that were done on 2,4-D resistant crops.  You remember, the Agent Orange ones that were developed because the RoundUp ready ones only caused weeds to adapt, not die.  So, the USDA is at least tinkering a tiny bit with the fast-tracking.

Zo; onward to the global resistance to Monsanto marches:  Anonymous stuck up a #OpMonsanto video call to all Anons that you can see here; the text at is here.  Global

#MarchAgainstMonsanto events can be found here.  Amanda Wentworth at has helpfully provided information on Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen products ahead of the global anti-Monsanto marches to provide participants with the facts about their ‘inventions’ that have proven so ghastly to human and planetary health.

If you do any social networking, paste any of this info onto your pages and encourage others to share it widely.  Supportive calls and emails for HR 1699 actually might help; and make sure you get live probiotics (as many strains as possible) into your system a few times a week.  If the freeze-dried ones are live, you can use a couple capsules to make a quart of yogurt overnight in the oven with just the light as a heat source.  Loads of instructions are available online.

Refuse to become a further Genetically Modified Person or Zombie Sheep Cousin!  We’ll figure out how to unwind the existing damages if we can; but for now: say no, and say it any way that’s open to you!


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  1. Wendy- I will be running as a Street Medic for the Monsanto March in Minneapolis on May 25th.

  2. a comment! how wonderful. and that’s just great news, michael cavlan. please know that i’ll be there in spirit with you, and am envious of your self-appointed task. i just checked, and no one from minneapolis signed up at the link. not a huge surprise, of course; lots of folks probably just organize themselves on social network site..

    no sign of metamars, but he’s taken some serious drubbings of late with his climate change…misapprehensions, i guess you’d say.

    have a great day of solidarity with other conscious and conscientious folks.

  3. Hi, very interesting…. thanks. GMO was in the news here frequently, until the twin towers attack, and invasion of Iraq. Then it disappeared, as an issue. There was research confirming the dangers, from that time, but it dissappeared from view. A Canadian scientist working for the government lost her job for being outspoken about the dangers of these activities.

    They had a public vote on requiring labelling on GM foods in California within the last year. And it was voted down. I expect a lot of money was spent explaining why people don’t need to know what’s in their foods; Still makes you wonder how stupid many people actually are. I am starting to think, very stupid.

    I had the misfortune to spend an evening with a person who was a government paid PR sales rep, for GM food. If this person is as boring at meetings he was that evening, GM is sunk.

    Some GM resistant crops such as canola are now weeds. Farmers are alarmed, but they are addicted to the stuff.

    In Canada “The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network claims U.S. company Forage Genetics International wants to release alfalfa seeds with Monsanto’s genetically modified herbicide tolerant technology, called Roundup Ready, in Canada this year.
    The National Farmers Union and the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network rallied Tuesday against the possible introduction of genetically modified alfalfa in Canada.

    Genetically modified alfalfa was approved for health and environmental release in Canada in 2005, but any variety must be registered before it can be commercially released.
    To date, no genetically modified alfalfa varieties are registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

    Thirteen demonstrations were planned for Ontario between noon and 1 p.m. ET.

    About four dozen farmers demonstrated at the CFIA national headquarters in Nepean, Ont.
    Paul Slomp was one of them.

    “We have to ask ourselves who is making the decisions around what kind of food we eat. And what concerns me is if farmers don’t want it and if eaters don’t want it, why on earth is this being legitimized and being commercialized in Canada,” Slomp told CBC News.

    The NFU says Roundup Ready alfalfa will become another weed. Roundup Ready alfalfa has been approved for planting in the U.S. since 2011.

    “We’re struggling to find even one farmer in our area who wants to use this GM alfalfa. Most farmers will pay dearly if GM alfalfa is allowed onto the market,” said Hilary Moore, an organic farmer who is president of the Lanark National Farmers Union Local 310.”

    Thanks a lot, great post.

  4. not sure where that last line came from, and I am unable to delete it.

  5. Meanwhile- like there isn’t enough- Occupy Minnesota and Idle No More Minnesota are working together in an attempt to shut down and/or block the XL Tar Sands Enbridge pipeline #67 that is going through northern Minnesota. Which is supported by “liberal” Democratic Governor Mark Dayton.
    Keep on keeoing on people.

  6. realitychecker1

    Oh, so now I’m “Anonymous”? Or are you just ashamed to admit you know me lol? [ ] AND, my Enter key stopped working, so thanks for nuttin’. [ ] Occurs to me that Soylent Green might actually be healthier.

  7. to mafr:
    yes, pretty telling on the california labeling law that before the something like $47 million ad blitz by the biotech giants, polling had the law supported by a large plurality. too many faux science hacks, including the ama, who, so depressing, and as you say ‘stupid’, including the farmers who bought the propaganda. it doesn’t help that media sides with the biotech companies, and asshats like bill gates, bono, bill clinton…are celebrated for their purportedly philanthropical endeavors while they screw agriculture, humans and the planet.

    best action i ever saw was when the haitians set fire to the gmo rice seed they were ‘given’ after bill clinton’s perfidy on ending tariffs to imported rice to haiti. but yes; he apologized for the hell he caused, and felt free to turn around a fuck them over again, and currently with his brand of neoliberal two-tiered economics.

    canada, iirc, is the third largest producer of gmo crops and products. good article, good actions, but…i thought harper had already okayed several brands of roundup ready alfalfa; i know obomba has, though he calls it ‘a small percentage’ or something nebulous (and lying) like that. same for the new ‘studies’ the ag dept. will do, meanwhile letting ‘experimental fields’ be grown, ack.

    if you don’t want the link, you can just click Edit on the right above your comment, then when you’re in edit, highlight it and hit Delete. i can edit it out, and i’d be glad to, but would you rather try? it’ll be handy to know how.

    most of the wonderful proclamations that the global indigenous have taken to the parallel meetings like rio 20+1 have contained long swathes of language damning GE crops, and extolling the necessity to revert to sustainable local farming methods to save the food supply. it was from their documents and accords that i learned to do a bit of research into REDD, ‘green capitalism’ and other capitalist con games like those that supports.

    thanks for the news, mafr. oh: excpet to say that i checked, and was right that canadian research found Bt in women and babies. india, too, but then they by way of vendana shiva have been at the forefront of biotech pushback, partly because something like 60,000 ripped off cotton farmers committed suicide after their experiences wit the vaunted monsanto cotton. too tragic.

  8. i have seen this, michael cavlan! one trouble is, the energy sector keeps our eyes on one prize (stop pipelines X or Y) them build the tankers, buy the railroads, build the new pipelines like the one to cancer alley, texas (forget the name; stev horn had it up at fdl). the goal should have been ‘shut down the tarsands. period!’

    the best thing, though, is that these actions may empower people toward further resistance. the lakota are gettin’ serious about fighting the pipelines. seriously serious, from what they write.

  9. (should be famous) study in Mexico showing effects of Pesticides on two identical groups of children, one group exposed one not:

    study: *E. A. Guillette et al, “An Anthropological Approach to the Evaluation of Preschool Children Exposed to Pesticides in Mexico,” Environmental Health Perspectives, 106(6):347-53, June 1998.

  10. “A landmark study on the topic by Donald Davis and his team of researchers from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry was published in December 2004 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. They studied U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritional data from both 1950 and 1999 for 43 different vegetables and fruits, finding “reliable declines” in the amount of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin C over the past half century. Davis and his colleagues chalk up this declining nutritional content to the preponderance of agricultural practices designed to improve traits (size, growth rate, pest resistance) other than nutrition.”

  11. Yup- Those Ndn’s are getting serious. On a non related note- This is a copy of a flyer that I made up- to protest Van Jones coming to town. He took no questions. Please note the last bit- hee hee hee. Thanks to the “other place” that gave us that great phrase.


    This is an informational Flyer

    This is to engage in a public discussion about something else. Van Jones
    is simply the most public face on this issue.

    This is about the insidious way that well heeled foundations and often their
    corporate money sources are used to keep progressive groups in check.

    To keep us all in line and to ensure that the messages of many progressive
    groups are kept within tolerable limits for those well heeled sources.

    For example- this event itself is being organized by the Growth and Justice Foundation.

    So let us have an open, transparent and honest discussion about just how corporate money
    is used in the political process. After all- it is not just the Koch Brothers that are doing it.

    Van Jones himself is apparently being bankrolled by

    George Soros’ Open Society Institute gave $1 million to the Jones-founded Ella Baker Center

    Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection

    Environmental Defense Fund

    Ford Foundation

    Hewlett Foundation

    Nathan Cummings Foundation

    Natural Resources Defense Council

    New World Foundation

    Overbrook Foundation

    Rockefeller Family Fund

    Schwab Charitable Fund


    Streisand Foundation

    Surdna Foundation

    Tides Center and Foundation

    Urban Ecology Institute

    Wallace Global Fund

    W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

    It can easily be argued hey are not doing so because the money behind them
    are interested in building an actual, real progressive movement but in keeping
    progressive people corralled in what can be called the Progressive Veal Pen.

    Let us talk of breaking out of that foundation built Veal Pen.

  12. bugger, rc; the financial times link was overwritten by a request to register. (maybe i have an account and have forgotten?) i’ll try later, but for a wink i could see the title was something about the us fast-tracking…HELL!

    did you forget to login in, ya great idjit? and if so, did you not provide the same email that you registered your wordpress account with?

    and if you want your Enter key to work again, will it be worth my standard $1.99 to you? we’re having a special today: 3 working keys for $9.99. please pay the cashier at the door on your way out. i’ll call soon; gotta change outta my nightshirt first, maybe put on some eyeliner and moisturizer…hate lookin’ like a lazy hippie when i’m on the phone. (don’t mind *bein’* one, however)

  13. exactly, michael cavlan, and ha! to the final sentences. akin to the rockefeller foundation funding wot? shoot, lemme go grab a link that spells out a lot of it. And peek into the diaries with links to ‘Democratic gatekeepers’ in the categories list on the right (or did i already say that, lol?)

  14. ” bill clinton’s perfidy on ending tariffs to imported rice to haiti. ”

    His act is nauseating.

    I am logged in, but my “edit” button, was there at first, but has now gone.

  15. odd bodkins. if you hover your mouse to the right of your name and the date, does it show up? i’ll take it out, then we’ll see if we can figure this out as soon as i get an extra minute. i’m thinking of seeing what’s involved with adding another domain name like ‘whistle’ or something.

    yes, clinton never fails to make me viscerally ill. nor the hillary hawk. and i’ll be back soon after a phone call to check out your other links and comments. always, i err coming into the bottom of a comment stream, arggh, and miss things upthread.

  16. “if you hover your mouse to the right of your name and the date, does it show up? ”

    No. It was there when I first posted here, last week, but is now gone, as far as I can tell. I tried to find out how to regain it, but was unable to.

  17. stephenadavis1

    monsanto spreads scorched earth evil around the planet.

  18. i got out mr. wd’s laptop, made the above comment. sad to sa, there is no edit function above it. i’ve checked all the settings options i can find, plus all the help entries, but it’s not addressed. how odd if it used to be there, and isn’t now. i’m making a list to as the wordpress Hug Team, (ha), and will include it. so sorry. i used to have the comments nested, but most folks didn’t like them.

  19. michael cavlan: (and here i am working my way upthread again), but seeing van jones’ name reminded me of this thread that i er…thought was so funny. it was suspended for a time, loads of confusion ensued, and the good scarecrow finally restored it. jane wasn’t impressed with it, but lol i thought it was soooo bloody funny. i wrote it after he was at fdl for a book salon, and commenters were very frustrated. i didn’t check to see if you were on the thread, so it may be old hat, but…

  20. ah, jeez, mafr. i’ve seen some articles on that study, and even those drawings. i wonder if you’d shown them to us? just tragic. i suppose it’s natural since we’re hard-wired to want to care for our young (well, barring other factors preventing it) but the devastation and degradation of the children really is the hardest to deal with emotionally. i did a post about the results of depleted uranium on the kids in iraq. i waded through so many soul-wrenching photos of youngsters who could never be made okay by any stretch of the imagination.
    whoosh. hard to look away from those images…

    the study on depleted nutrition: yes. now we know to do green manure crops, nitrogen fixing ones, use even rock dust fertilizers (not that big ag does). and i can’t quite remember what the mechanism was as quotes in the long video, but somehow the roots weren’t able to import soil nutrients easily. was it the pesticide or the genetic manipulation? guess it doesn’t matter terribly, but…i should go try to dind it again just to get it into my head. (things fly out of it like smoke.)

    i read once that commerical fertilizers were like dope to crops, not like food. yep; spot on simile.

  21. shucks; after all this, i need john mellencamp.

  22. mafr, my friend. i just went to snag links on the senate aumf hearings, the 20 years predicted by the top brass to ‘defeat al qaeda’, and get the rios montt video to add as a cautionary tale to war crimes, and found this hard news:

    Guatemalan Court Overturns Genocide Verdict for Ex-Dictator Ríos Montt

    “Guatemala’s top court has overturned the genocide conviction of former U.S.-backed military dictator Efraín Ríos Montt. In a historic verdict earlier this month, Ríos Montt was sentenced to 80 years for genocide and crimes against humanity in the killings of more than 1,700 Ixil Mayan people in the early 1980s. But in a 3-to-2 ruling Monday, the Guatemalan constitutional court dismissed all the case’s proceedings dating back to a month ago. It was then that the court first annulled the case amidst a dispute between judges over jurisdiction. In the run-up to its latest decision to overturn, the court had come under heavy lobbying from Ríos Montt supporters, including Guatemala’s powerful business association, CACIF. Ríos Montt remains in a military hospital where he was admitted last week. His legal status is now up in the air. He will likely be released into house arrest, and it is unclear when or if he will return to court.”

  23. Wendy- excellent article- I will share it in facebook land. I had to laugh that I even got mentioned on one of the comments. Even being disappeared. As an aside- I am still working on my book- Censorship- A Liberal Value- Tales From A Progressive Activist. It cuts to this very point. I will name names and organizations. hose that censor and why they do. Yes- FDL will most assuredly get mentioned. I have a journalist friend who is called the Amy Goodman of Minnesota helping me. Also Project Censored will help in national advertizing and distribution.
    FYI- The reason that I was looking for Metamars is I was hoping he would introduce a Book Salon at FDL. Grin. Oh and sorry OFG left- but hell- he is right. The censorship there is appalling and they are loosing lots of good people. Not just those that they disappear like me either.

  24. you had mentioned your book, which is part of the reason i put up the diary, goofy-boy. but since you seem loth to do so yourself, i will go fetch the links i’d hoped you’d try to discover over yonder.

    Illuminating as all giddy-up, not that we hadn’t suspected much of it…

  25. Hungary has taken a bold stand against biotech giant Monsanto and genetic modification by destroying 1000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds, according to Hungary deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development Lajos Bognar. Unlike many European Union countries, Hungary is a nation where genetically modified (GM) seeds are banned. In a similar stance against GM ingredients, Peru has also passed a 10 year ban on GM foods.

  26. good on the hungarians! sounds as though they know there are more infected acres, eh? i knew about peru’s ban, but i’d remembered more EU nations had banned them; france. germany? oh…i wish i had a memory; i’d be dangerous.

    seriously, there is some movement on the issue now. too bad our supreme court is so fucking multinational -friendly. i know the bowman case was a poor test case, but they may have ruled similarly for a good case, i think. that in some ways, like so many other issues, it may be arguably too late to stop the effects (as in reverse them), fight on we must. and hope to mitigate as we can. on that front, i confess to hoping that a global awakening of higher consciousness will help.

  27. Here is lengthy screed I wrote about the fact that right now, what passes for “science” in this nation is actually only “science by proclamation.” And I focused the topic on the GM seeds:

    Basically there is no science behind the safety claims of GM seeds. One of Bill Clinton’s right hand men, one Mike Taylor, decided that the seeds were the nutritional “equivalent” of conventional crops, and he made this decision based on this on ZERO decades of research.

    However, the lack of science behind the Taylor Doctrine has not hurt Mr Taylor’s career – he has gone from the Clinton Administration back into the folds of the high paying GM industry, and from there he was plucked for the position of The Head of the FDA by one Barack “Change and Hope” Obama.

    And it seems to be only us real activists that are concerned that the Taylor Doctrine is the only statement needed by our government to allow the GM foods and seeds industry the permission to go ahead. We have not witnessed such a blanket conformity of “science based on proclamation” since the days of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and their supreme notion of the sun revolving around the earth.

    The GM spokespeople also claim that not a single person has ever been harmed by GM foods. However, that is wrong.

    In fact, in the late Nineteen Eighties, over 35 people world wide lost their lives to a rare blood disorder that came about after they had their daily tablet of L-Tryptophan, a supplement, that had been grown on a GM medium. Also, hundreds if not thousands were made ill. To conceal the fact that it was the Gm processes that were at fault for these deaths, our government went into hysteria mode over the “lethality” of L-Tryptophan. Dozens of nutritional supplement houses were raided, with products carried off, and inventories destroyed. (As well as the fortunes and lives of the business owners.)

    And again, no mention being made of the fact that had the Japanese L-Tryptophan manufacturer not used a GM medium, none of this would have happened. (L-tryptophan-induced Eosinophilia Myalgia syndrome was first recognized in October l989.)

    Scientists and researchers across the world laugh long and hard at “American science.” They realize that few US scientists now design their research studies in accordance with the International Protocols used by the rest of the world. In the USA, researchers are subtly and not so subtly forced to cherry pick their data, design tests that have little to do with the methods of consumption relating to the product being tested (Monsanto’s feeding study of dogs using glyphosate as a food, when glyphosate is ingested by mammals through inhalation, not in the alimentary canal and its organs, is one example of deliberately misleading test design.)

    The media is part of this. I remember after the Blue Ribbon Panel headed by John Froines decided that MTBE the gas additive had no benefits and only risk, in terms of its safety, Immediately the media began to flood daily newspapers touting “newer studies” that showed that MTBE was harmless. Of course, these were all industry studies, and the scientists did not possess the integrity or decent design of study that Froines and his colleagues had used to determine the product’s risks and dangers.

    This creates the idea inside the minds of the public that “newer” means more accurate. That is a fallacious notion.

    Currently the GM companies are not even allowing outside investigators to do research – you may peruse this article on what is going on with researching of the GM seeds by reading the following article:

    L-tryptophan-induced Eosinophilia Myalgia syndrome was first recognized in October l989.

    Here is a mainstream media article that raises some of the concerns I personally have:
    “It is important to understand that it is not always simply a matter of blanket denial of all research requests, which is bad enough,” wrote Elson J. Shields, an entomologist at Cornell University, in a letter to an official at the Environmental Protection Agency (the body tasked with regulating the environmental consequences of genetically modified crops), “but selective denials and permissions based on industry perceptions of how ‘friendly’ or ‘hostile’ a particular scientist may be toward technology.”

    The perception among indie researchers is that unless the study says what the GM forces need the article to say, it will never be published inside the peer reviewed American science journals where the supposed truths about current day matters are to be discussed freely. In my days as an anti-pesticide and anti-herbicide indie reporter, 1997 to 2005, I would be confounded by the fact that when an indie scientist did a survey of some problem, if the results were unfavorable to the product, that product’s manufacturers would immediately exclaim that the study was meaningless because it was too small a study. What especially confounded me was this fact: Not once did anyone in industry ever say: “This brings up a serious concern, and although the data was far too small to be accepted, we want to look into the matter by enlarging on this study.”

    That struck me as bizarre. Many scientific inquiries begin with individual observations. When five or six years back, our government agencies began receiving reports from people over the fact that individual pet owners were witnessing their beloved pets dying in record numbers, those individual observations brought about the inspection of the ingredients of Chinese produced pet foods, and China was forced to change its pet food formula. This is one proof that “anecdotal stories” count. Edward Jenner’s idea for the smallpox vaccine came about after he witnessed the phenomena of milk maids escaping smallpox if they had first been infected with cowpox. His entire data base was fewer than 48 people.

    Over a decade ago, the editor of New England Journal of Medicine ran an editorial in which they laid out that the Journal needed to relax its considerations of independence in the arena of decisions over what to publish. In the seventies and even the eighties and nineties, the NEJM could decide that too much industry influence existed in terms of study’s funding and results – but that was now such an ubiquitous situation that there was noway the Journal could continue to exist unless it started to publish studies that had been totally funded and totally influenced by Big Money from Big Industry. This is one of the reasons why the rest of the world’s scientists no longer take us serious.

    I created this bit of writing as “information ammunition” for anyone attending the May 25th March Against Monsanto. Be there or be square.

  28. I left out the citation regarding the lack of ability of scientists to get permission from Monsanto to use the GM seeds in their research. Here it is::

  29. it’s an informative and damning screed, elisemattu; thank you for it. i’m glad to have it here, and i look forward to reading both links. yes, the rest of the world laughs at the in-house studies they do. what a memory you have; i have to look up things i’ve written two days ago, lol. keep my fingers clacking into the google cache, though…

    i hadn’t ever known about the l-tryptophan deaths; my stars. but look at how many deaths pharmaceuticals cause before they’re forced to add that fact to the list of possible downsides.

    freaking mike taylor was an attorney, no background in science, which proves the power of big law firms and revolving doors, eh?

    will you just xerox your info and hand it out? or get a chance to speak it to a crowd? i will sooooo be with you in spirit on saturday, woman. you are aces.

  30. We are going to Occupy a local Safeway parking lot. And hand out information. I want to dress up – maybe as a giant dandelion? Or something like that. I am thinking M. will be braving the crowd with me.

    Our local PBS Channel Eight here in Lake County Calif. just showed the tremendous resistance video portraying the good people of Syracuse, NY.
    They have been protesting on the Drone Issue at their Hancock AFB.

    I am now so inspired by them. Several of them are in jail and might be there all summer. If I can find the full length video, I hope to post it here. (April 28th 2013video, and great music, and great attendance and spirit.)

  31. dandelion, sounds good. an ear of Bt corn? ack, i hope there will be videos. i looked to find which video you’re talking about, but there are quite a few. please do post it; all you need is to place the url on a line by itself in the comment box. if you’d rather create a separate post with it, i’ll try to stick the registration info back on top of the other posts. then after you’ve created a new wordpress user name (ya have to tweak your fdl one, maybe with a 1 or 2 at the end, i can send you an invitation to become an author. most posts have to have More breaks right after the titles, just cuz all of them are featured in the center.

    dunno what we’ll do we’ll do when this software outgrows more participation, but for now…we’re good, and welcome users and authors.

  32. Yikes, it appears that Houston: We have a problem.
    You see, I spent time and believed that I had registered here at
    I thought the fact that here I am “em02”, rather than plain old “em”, and msut tht not meant that a new name had been assigned> Which is supposed to indicate I am registered, right?

    So do I go over and try to re-register? I have no idea how I can screw up something like registering, but this reminds me of how it took me over 18 months to get a FB account, because first I would try and register, and they’d say I already was, and then when I used the userid they said I had, they told me that name did not exist. And that I should register. Big endless loop.

    BTW, since this post is now “all about me”, here is a question I have wondered – does private messaging exist here at

  33. it’s not you, elise. wordpress has confused us all on this stuff. if you’re registered here, *and logged in*, meaning under Meta the choice is Log Out’, not Log In”, you should see your name on the right side of the upper grey header bar. if not, simply Log In with your new user name. i looked, and you’re not listed as a user, but sometimes accounts take some time to show up, maybe a day…

    that, by the way, should always take you to your dashboard, which has some options plus a video of how to use the blogging software. i just emailed you an invitation to become an author from the admin side. just follow the directions (she sayed hopefully) and you should be enabled. if you don’t want to be an author, i can switch it easily.

    on your dashboard you’ll find Profile, and clicking into that will allow you to create one and choose an image for your Gravatar (a universal avatar, they say).

    i added (or tried to) a comment that didn’t show up on this thread yesterday that the senate had voted against the ‘states can require mandatory gmo labels’ bill 71-27 two days ago. if we don’t hear from you beforehand, i hope you all have a successful action at Slaveway today.

    i don’t think that the software has the capability for private messaging, but i’ll send you my email address in case that would help, okay?

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