Mass shooting in Orlando gay nightclub: *20 dead, *42 injured, ‘act of domestic terrorism’: IS/ISIS?

First, let me say how insanely tragic this is, and offer my hopes that they all rest in power and peace, and the victims’ families eventually find some measure of peace, as well.  How, I have no idea.

Second, when I read that headline at RT early this morning, then saw this:

Via RT:
At this time we’re looking at all angles right now,” an FBI official said.

He was asked if the shooter might have possible connections with extremists. “We do have suggestions that that individual may have leanings towards that particular ideology [extremism]. But right now we can’t say definitively so we’re still running everything around,” he added.”

…you might forgive me for reckoning that the Fibbie had been alluding to a hate crime against LGBT, yes?  But given that there were already 599 comments at the time, I checked a few; most were ignorant, of course, but the word ‘Muslim’ was popping up here and there.  Hmmmm, perhaps Pulse was more by way of a Muslin gay night clubs, so I went looking further.

When I saw a link to the GoS akin to: ‘This is _rump’s doing!’, I figured it might indeed have been a loosely Muslim club.

But oh no; clicking into the Guardian’s coverage brought this:

“Police confirmed several “suspicious devices” were found in and around the nightclub, including one on the gunman and one on his car.

“This is an incident, as I see it, that we can definitely classify as a domestic terrorism incident,” said the Orange County sheriff, Jerry Demings.

When asked if the suspect had any affiliation with Islamic State, the FBI assistant agent in charge, Ron Hopper, said: “We do have suspicions that the individual may have leanings toward that ideology.” Though when pushed as to what led him to believe that, he clarified that all possibilities were being investigated.”

The Guardian has live updates, and now says:

“Several news outlets identified the gunman as Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old from Fort Pierce, Florida. The FBI said it had a “positive identification” of the shooter though it has not yet released a name as it is in the process of notifying his family.” [snip]

(The killer was shot dead by police SWAT teams, a controlled demolition opening a hole in a wall for an ‘armored vehicle’ to get in.)

“Police initially said about 20 people had been killed in the attack, with 42 injured, *but later revised the death toll up to 50, with *53 hospitalised, including one police officer who had been shot in the head but whose “life had been saved by his Kevlar helmet”. They confirmed the gunman was armed with an assault rifle, handgun and “some kind of device”.

In a press conference on Sunday morning, an FBI spokesman said investigators believed the attacker may have had extremist beliefs, and would consider possible links to Isis, but cautioned they were pursuing multiple leads.”

Intelligence officials “believe that there is some link to Isis”, Florida senator Bill Nelson has just told reporters at a press conference.  He cautioned repeatedly that the information is tentative.

Well, 50 gays executed at Latino dance night at Pulse; how does that community not feel targeted and terrified?  Of course, no one likely knows if the shooter even knew it was an LGBT club, but we/they can’t discount that he did.

Earlier coverage had said that the shooter’s parents were Afghanis, now some are reporting that the shooter is as well.

What next, is of course a big question.

Allow me to wax ahead somewhat cynically, please, and hope that I’m wrong.

First, one would assume that the FBI is in charge of the investigation, not that the police and sheriffs will like that one bit.  That seems to be so, as Ben Nelson has deferred to that agency.

Oh, tiddly-pom all to hell to hell and back:

“On CNN a few minutes earlier, Democratic Representative Adam Schiff said that he had also heard from intelligence officials about a possible link. Schiff also observed similarities between the Pulse attack and that at the Bataclan in Paris last year, “all highly indicative of an Isil-inspired attack.”

Zo…my guess is that it will be declared an ISIS attack.  That will mean, for one thing, that all the new doo-dah about the FBI’s expanded surveillance powers and abilities to hack into any of our phones, computers, social networking things will go forward.  As I understand it, the House recently and overwhelmingly had passes a bill trying to curtail it; correct me if I’d misread headlines.

✔ @damianpaletta  “Rep. Schiff, who is always cautious, says Dept. of Homeland Security told him Orlando shooter made pledge of allegiance to Islamic State.”

Muslim leaders may believe that it’s so, and are hastening to condemn the violence, urging all to say what they know, and to give blood.

Of course gun control legislation will again be urged, and Muslims will be quaking in their boots in fear of retaliation. Nationalistic jingoism will be out of control, as usual; how tragic and ignorant.

And even if the murders were Daesh/IS inspired, how tragic it is that so few will stop to consider that the Western Imperium’s wars,  occupations, and killing and dislocating  brown people all over the world  in ‘The Never-ending War on Terra’ have pulled the trigger on all of this.  When will they ever learn?

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  1. I’m sorry to say that this incident did not surprise me. It has been predicted and is a response to the, “empire,” any way one looks at it.

    Not all that anxious to comment but I’m with you on the look ahead and further curtailing of civil rights and further expansion of gun allowances for NRA gun toting people. People was not my first choice of adjectives there.

    It will not matter much to the eventual crackdown on citizens here what this tragedy is labelled, the news will whine on about it while solving nothing or bringing us to any sort of better place as a nation. Obomba could use it to proclaim marshal law and order the November elections canceled.

    Surprised Barry didn’t just order a drone strike to end the incident and he shamelessly pandered to the US public about “terrorism,” earlier in the day.

    Truly saddened by this massacre of people (and anywhere it happens), it will take some time for me to get some personal focus beyond this result of this class war being waged in our name but without any of our consent.

    Did our, “leaders,” think we are mostly immune from the consequences of their conduct in the world or is this going to be the new norm in acceptable, “collateral damage,” where they knew an incident like this was going to be just a matter of when, and not if?

    Peace and Resolve

    • i appreciate your thoughts, nonquixote. in fact, i had raged to mr. wd that perhaps the US should drop a bomb on the shooter’s ‘terrror cell’ or his family in afghanistan, but then i’d reckoned that would be wrong for the OP.

      you brought the flip side of what i’d been thinking about guns, though, as i don’t see more gun control as solving any of this, given how many other ways there are to kill people, and the gazillion guns they reckon are in the US already. and predictably, the ever-clueless Obama’s email just came to my inbox, phonin’ it in:

      “”Today marks the most deadly shooting in American history. The shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle. This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a nightclub. We have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be. And to actively do nothing — that’s a decision, too.”

      and yeah, the fibbies are saying he bought the gun legally two weeks ago since there were ‘no prohibitions against him. but gawd bless attackerman:

      “Spencer Ackerman has spoken with a US official who offers a more cautious early analysis of the attack, suggesting a hate-crime motive. “The idea of it being terrorism is not off the table, but it’s probably not the principal approach. There are other reasons to believe it was motivated toward a very specific kind of community, obviously,” said the official, who would not be identified by name or agency in discussing a fast-moving investigation.”

      some muslims, and especially lgbt muslims, see it as a homophobic hate crime, as does the shooter’s father, as in: “seeing same sex people kiss really bothered him”, etc.

      plenty like this on her thread…

      but yes, darlin’, if it’s an ISIS thing for a deranged man during ramadan, it’s our chickens coming home to roost. “god damn amerika!” come to that, even if it’s a gay hate crime, its still kinda true.

  2. preach it wendy & NQ. obama doubles down (again! after 15 years of nothing but opium to show for it, lots of wasted ngo/military BS, and lots and lots of suffering) on afghanistan yesterday or so (oh yeah, and the USM in a country conveniently b/n iran & china.) zero hedge fund reports that this dude, due to domestic violence issues, was on a “watch list.” yeah? there will not be a second’s doubt it’s time to expand the intrusiveness of the (ineffectual-when-convenient?) “watch lists,” will there? the libs will crow & bay & howl in favor of increased domestic repression, while certain other voices do same about “carpet bombing isis & killing their families.” both of which the libs will more than willingly comply with.

    where would a person get the idea in our society if you don’t like what someone’s doing you can just kill them? nationalism: the notion that i’m supposed to give more of a fuck about the folks killed in orlando than those killed in drone strikes (and lots of other horrendous shit.)

    • on herr mass murderer and the NYPD

    • whooosh, jason; yes. those ‘8500 troops’ might just have to sty a wee bit longer in aghanistan’; never mind no one ever mentions how many paid mercenaries will stay until the 12th of never. how much opium do US planes send outta there, anyway, a la viet nam?

      oh yeah, the howls to finish isis: too bad they’re asking russia not to bomb al qaeda, ‘the moderate jihadists’, eh?

      the live blog has a link to a page naming (so far) the first victims as their families are notified, plus some stories that made me weep, much as those of us with consciences weep for all those killed by drones that the ‘naming the dead‘ project UK could discover. the last photo of the boy who’d been tending his family’s goats is the spittin’ image of one of our grandsons, so i cry again for him, as i do gain for young tariq aziz, whose life and death i’d tried to imagine back in the day.

      and oh, bloody hell on b’s post. you got it right on your question: “where would a person get the idea in our society if you don’t like what someone’s doing you can just kill them?”

      and yes, the killer was brought up in the USA, one of the most male authoritarian and violent cultures on the planet.

  3. fuck the guardian (and yes, they have the Tweets):

    “The two presumptive nominees for president have each responded to the mass shooting. The Democrat expressed solidarity with the victims and the Republican thanked his followers for “the congrats” for talking about his fears of terrorism.”

    ‎@HillaryClinton “Woke up to hear the devastating news from FL. As we wait for more information, my thoughts are with those affected by this horrific act.” -H

    sooo heartfelt. how many brown people has clinton killed by now? how many duly elected black and brown leaders has she helped to overthrow? but no, she’s the ‘good candidate’.

  4. the only entities/persons that rationlize this kind of crap are GOVERNMENTS, and almost entirely they do so by their silence when they themselves are guilty. almost w/o exception any non-GO/non-NGO person is horrifiied. sorry, after 30 mins of MSNBC, i cannot muster the requisite outrage/poutrage/concern trollitude/fake concern. these MSM fuckwads live & pray for this mass murder crap. more so in the quadriennial idiotfest known as an “election,” from which mass murder gives them a break.

    • bless you, jason; tomorrow. i’m done in 4 tonite. see ‘sweet dreams’.

    • i don’t seem to be getting your drift, jason. could you draw me a diagram? i will say that avoiding teevee news would likely be a good mental health choice, though. along that line, i wonder how many million peeps have watched the ubiquitous videos of the massacre, and if they would be/could be honest about their reasons.

      this may not be what you meant at all, but i have loads of heart for the folks murdered and hospitalized, most especially since LGBT are another oppressed class. on edit: esp. at the intersection w/ class and color. #sayHerName

  5. This mass murder in Orlando was both an act of domestic terrorism and a hate crime. It will however be played to the maximum to build the political message of fear, to further the, “empire.”
    From WI blogger Mark Taylor: Generating Terrorists

    “Obama’s global drone assassination campaign, a remarkable innovation in global terrorism, exhibits the same patterns. By most accounts, it is generating terrorists more rapidly than it is murdering those suspected of someday intending to harm us – an impressive contribution by a constitutional lawyer on the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, which established the basis for the principle of presumption of innocence that is the foundation of civilized law.”

    – Noam Chomsky

    • ah, but lord luv a duck, nonquixote: chomsky has said he’ll vote for clinton as the yanno, lesser of…yada, yada.

      i’m sorry, all; i’m still locked into interpreting two siesta dreams, one rather remarkable, one mundane, but prolly only on the surface, given that two my dead relatives were playing roles in it. my eyebrows are only too knit for tonight trying to find my way out the other side of any of this, even in my imagination.

      sweetest dreams i can conjure, so sorry: marilyn manson style:

  6. early the day before yesterday, i’d seen one of my former detractors at FDL once again on a couple of ian welsh’s diaries. it was his ardent beliefs that each USian is personally responsible for the incessant wars on brown people. i remember asking him once if he thought it would change anything were to pour gasoline over myself, and torch myself.

    zo. what did my shredded psyche do during my siesta yesterday? yep: i fell asleep and dreamed that i was dousing myself by way of a small, flattish, red plastic gas can. as i sat cross-legged on the floor of some semi-enclosed space holding a lighter, it suddenly dawned on me that no media had come to bear witness to my conflagration, thus nor would they see my suicide note as giving my life to end the Imperium’s wars.

    rather absently i considered that mr. wd might carry my message, but before i flicked my bic, of course, the dream sequence ended.

    note to self: get a grip, wd. but that’s part of the reason that the marilyn manson song rang so true to my condition. no, actually rings true.

    • hopefully you can laugh at yourself a bit.

      it’s hard i know. partly b/c the reaction from the politicos will be far worse than the traumatic event itself. it’s hard for me to feel grief for the event b/c i already know how it will be used & manipulated. already is.

      & being suspicious of the official narrative…it’s very important to remember whether Omar is more or less who he appears to have been, or this was a false flag, or some mix of both of those, it’s ok to terrorize & sacrifice the LGBT community in the mind(s) of the whoever the ultimate agent(s) was/were. dead bodies are nothing but props to certain people who get to be even more hysterical & reactionary b/c hey, “islam,” “gays.”

      (clearly a “false flag” op does not mean these people were not murdered.)

      • in my own defense, i know that i’m a bit of a nutbar. zo…of course i can laugh at myself. someone on b’s post called the lgbt the ‘protected class du jour’. i don’t see it, save in the comfortable class, of course.

        but the commenter who’d added to b’s ‘wounded knee’ (he added mine strikes murders, i forget what all, reminded me how few are aware of the sand creek massacre, col. ‘nits make lice’ chivington, hundreds of cheyenne and arapaho (women and children mainly) murdered and dismembered…all while under the supposed protection of the u.s. government. black kettle was willing to talk peace. the count is likely crap; all done by pale faces, of course.

        yes to ‘bodies as props’, and yes to ‘they’re still dead’. tragically.

        • light in the darkness: two men refused.
          “I refused.”

          are there any more horrid words than “the discovery of gold”? maybe black gold.

          • yes, both soule and cameron (?) refused. ya gotta love indun killer kit carson’s quotes of conemnation. women and chirren were out of bounds.

            how odd that black kettle lived through, only to be betrayed again, of course. all i could find was that he lived “even though he’d gone back to help his injured wife”. was he in one of the holes in the river bank? white antelope sang his death song while the bullets tore through him.

            you can see why the cheyenne dog soldiers were willing to stake themselves out to fight.

  7. of course it turns out there’s more to Omar than meets the eye. His father is or until recently was running for prez of Afghanistan. curious. Omar was on FBI watchlists, interviewed by them on several occasions apparently, and yet could still buy all those guns. and the company Omar as a sec guard worked for, G4S security…lots of global “Deep State” ties.

    NPR this a.m. is being careful to say “worse mass shooting in MODERN history.” (ESPN presents: Wounded Knee: Miracles of Arthroscopy. no Ludlow massacre, etc., etc., either.) but even that ain’t true: hello Branch Davidians. violence by the state doesn’t count. counts even less when the victims are untermenschen like iraqis, afghanis, etc. (see Dr. Walsh’s article on HRC at counterpunch today.)
    i don’t know about all of this. there’ll be lots of time for speculatin’. however, this quote:
    “It’s funny how almost all “Muslim terrorists” are either ridiculously ultra-competent supermen able to take down skyscrapers and blow up the Pentagon using a couple of package-openers as their only weapons; kill ludicrously large numbers of people in mass shootings without any military training; or otherwise perform amazing feats of mass carnage … or else they are the world’s LEAST competent destruction-wreakers, dufuses who can’t get a match lit to try to blow up their own shoe, or who pack their underwear with sterno camping fuel and no detonator and somehow expect their crotch to explode.

    Aside from the handful of supermen, practically every wannabe Muslim terrorist in the USA since 9/11 has been a total dufus.”

    • i’d read walsh’s essay earlier, and thought it was much the same as my OP, save for his focus on Mme, deFarge and her aipac love.

      i’d also clicked into the VT piece through b’s comment stream, and yeah, backed out, but partially due to the colors and look of the site. but the graphs you’ve brought are flipping hilarious.

      i kept zero hedge’s g4s story, and ooof. but hey! the good news is that investors are selling the co’s stock like mad, those good and moral folks!/s

      also, i snagged, but haven’t read sy hersh’s long piece from 2007 ‘the redirection’ (kewl title and concept). but yes, a lot of the reporting from the police and fbi seems more than dubious at best.

      “Alliance between Western “Deep State” + Sunni states + Israel to use extremists as a weapon as described by Seymour Hersh in “The Redirection”. (NB Bonus: keeps Western public in fear and supportive of police state.)

      yeppers: please keep us safe from crazy muslim gay and amurrican haters at any price!!!
      zounds; it’s raining a li’l bit; how welcome it is.

  8. face palm, head smack:

    Emptywheel: “Spencer Ackerman has new details on what it was that got the Orlando killer, Omar Mateen, on the FBI radar in 2013: He claimed to have a tie to the Tsarnaev brothers.

    Omar Mateen, whose rampage early Sunday at the LGBT nightclub Pulse left 50 dead, including himself, and 53 wounded, told co-workers at the private-security firm employing him that he knew Tamerlan and Dhzokhar Tsarnaev, according to a source close to the investigation who requested anonymity.

    The FBI interviewed Mateen on two occasions in 2013 related to his purported connection to the Tsarnaev brothers, the first known time Mateen drew the attention of federal law enforcement. Ultimately, bureau investigators determined that Mateen had invented the connection and did not pose a security threat.”

    Ackerman link: ‘Exclusive: FBI determined after two interviews with Omar Mateen in 2013 that his claims that he knew Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were invented

    Questions over how Mateen was able to buy guns despite being on FBI’s radar
    FBI: attack shows difficulty of snuffing out ‘lone wolf’ attacks”

    now we can see this in a few different lights, but i’d like to read the latter first to see how this came to light (fbi) and if it’s ass-covering or sincere disinformation combined w. it. but O! those lone wolves require some serious snooping, don’t they????

    • Don’t ask me where I read it but the article stated Mateen was being groomed by two Fibbie undercover operators for a period of 10 months in that time frame, to create a, “terrorist,” that could then be arrested before he did any real damage, proving how well we were being served by our govmnt spies and how we were, “saved,” by the empire.

      • where’d ya read it, nonquixote? ;-)

        i searched w/ those terms, only found pulse club regulars saying he was in there quite often, and did gay chat rooms for hook-ups. who knows? but he may not only have been manic depressive, perhaps narcissistic, but a repressed gay. still tough to believe that one gunman could kill and wound so many people, isn’t it? wonder if there were any friendly-fire deaths? not that we’ll ever know, unless one day ten years from now on successful foias of reports.

        • Smarty ;^)

          Forgot to bookmark and blue screen of death wiped my page, 5 yr old laptop, not sure if this is Windows 10 upgrade or a couple of failing sectors in memory modules. I wipe my entire history, cache etc frequently. Remembered this pre-coffee browsing was part of the mix, though.

          Will retrace my morning wanderings after I finish pruning the raspberries. Next year’s fruit bearing canes need to be thinned while they are small.

          • yeppers. :-D

            wait, did microsoft crash your laptop and upload 10 against your will? i found a way to wind it back to my old 7 after a couple days of searching and following unhelpful trails. i hated it!!! if you like it, more power to ya.

            but don’t sweat finding it again; there will be insane levels of speculation billed as teh truth, eh?

            ha: funded by the usual compromised NGO suspects. i’d seen that piece before, and laughed at his donation requests. shoot, if i were a few degrees smarter and original, shouldn’t you folks pay me? they pay ian welsh, yanno. ;-)

  9. I find the employment by the G4S security firm the most interesting consensus fact so far. No one disputes that one–at least, not yet.
    According to Wikipedia, a UK firm with 620,000 employees, and now the parent company of what was Wackenhut. Second largest security firm in the world. Welcome to the global security oligopoly.

    Yesterday, one of their employees provided them with a giant ad for the need for their services–daily life is becoming unsafe. especially for discriminated-against minorities.

    The most commonplace thing is to go for the exotic and overlook the ordinary. What would this crime look like without the ethnic and LGBT markers? A common Central Florida extortion of a nightclub and a missed payment.

    In a way, attacks on gay nightclubs, like those on abortion clinics, are a form of extortion aiming to force a particular social order of discrimination. Or extract economic rent without the normal offering of consideration–unless you think “leaving you alone”, which extortionists rarely do, constitutes “consideration”.

    The second most commonplace thing is to have the crime related to the assignment of the perpetrator by their employer. Where exactly was he a security guard, and who frequented there?

    The social media are spinning some wild stuff right now. But a common factor in the names of Middle Eastern and Central Asian men is that there are many people with exactly the same name. Remember that is any of the wilder reports right now.

    According to some reports, the FBI closed his file because he was not consistent about which terrorist groups he supported, apparently mentioning groups that were hostile to each other in some countries. Have not people not in the US been struck with a drone on less evidence?

    The Tsarnaev connection is germane only to the extent that they were being played as informants and so was he. The entire Florida connection of the Tsarnaevs has always been very murky and ended in the death of a witness.

    Do not underestimate some sort of employment-related PTSD instead of out-and-out mental illness.

    I doubt we will ever know until there is a winning FOIA suit.

    • lol x 10! “Yesterday, one of their employees provided them with a giant ad for the need for their services–daily life is becoming unsafe. especially for discriminated-against minorities.”

      i’d remembered that his employers said he was a security guard at a retirement home, but i could easily be mistaken. good point on name similarities and crazy conjecture.

      the tsarnaev and other claimed connections say to me that he is at least a major attention/power seeker, if any of that stuff is true. so many anonymous sources, yanno? to me it appears to me more of a gay-hate crime, but yep, throw in muslim and it’s made for teevee and moar carpet-bombing, moar instant surveillance and police state repression. (not that the bill of rights hasn’t already been tossed into the toilet.)

      gotta go make a call to see if i need to do my Terror Tuesday Tithing cooking for tonight. might be back now and again, even if so. i wanna read your other comment again; a real lulu. :-)

      oh, and ccr’s newsletter just came in. there will be a vigil tonight at the stonewall at 7 pm in in nyc ‘the bar at which the modern LGBTQI rights movement started’. cool.

      • I was remembering the movie in which an anti-virus maker was boosting his business by making and distributing malware. Sorta the NSA business model.

  10. Given how much both Presidential candidates want there to be a Daesh/ISIL/ISIS connection and how they are whipping up panic, if there is indeed a Daesh/ISIL/ISIS/Taliban/AlQuaeda/Hezbollah/Hamas/AddYourOwnFavoriteTerroristBogeyman connection, that group has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams–American in Panic.

    And if there is no connection, the US is doing to itself what such groups would like to do but possibly can’t as easily. Which 9/12 attitude is Clinton looking for? Working together to find the survivors? Or looking for some nation unrelated to attack? I think that this is the moment I would like to be Trump’s haberdasher; I sense some orders for Commander-in-Chief costumes.

    It seems there are some protesting of G4S going on in the UK per @PennyRed tweets.

    • yeah, guess this ‘connection’ is already established, and no matter if the truth is out there, and the truth is that it was simply a hate crime, the “see, he was ISIS, told ya they were comin’ for us!” bell can’t be unrung. (bin laden won.)

      what means this? “Working together to find the survivors?”, as in survivors of what? a parallel to the world trade center buildings? someone did laugh that orlando was 6/12….

      you’re guessing that trump will be elected, or just assume so given that he’ll be so convincing that “he was right” about them violent muslims all along? me, i’ve long seen Her Highness as dressed in generalissimo garb. hmmm. since she had her own private army of mercenaries in bagdhad, i guess. but gadz; the ugliness of her suits may only ever have been rivaled by janet reno’s.

      • The spirit of 9/12 breaks down into two phases: the “we all are New York” kum-ba-yah phase and the “Let’s attack someone who didn’t attack us” phase. Which someone else is America’s answer to Margaret Thatcher going to make the next new war? Tierra del Fuego?

        • well it won’t be any nation that can fight back w/ any ferocity, and that’s for sure. ;-) i sure do like tierra del fuego, though. guess the falklands’ve already been done, gawd save the queen and pip pip.

          sleep well, amigo.

          on edit: what a dolt that i didn’t twig to the ‘9/12’ meme.

  11. it is funny how people killed by the gov’t don’t count:
    crazy koreshis. if you don’t want to be wiped out, don’t be crazy.

    also funny how it’s more convenient for the USG to just kill perpetrators of terrorism. that way “blowback” can never be discussed. (due to his family’s involvement in Afghanistan, it’s doubtful Mateen was a political naif):

    “Why? McVeigh told us at eloquent length, but our rulers and their media preferred to depict him as a sadistic, crazed monster … who had done it for the kicks”.
    —Gore Vidal (from McVeigh’s wiki page).

    • ‘alleged terrorism’, no? but holy smoke! that photo of the burning compound, plus early references to ruby ridge, the OK city bombing…i guess i never paid much attention to any of them. again: ‘made for teevee’ as my favorite fictional character owen meany would have said.

      but you’ll love this from alternet (how right on cue): ‘How Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer Are Teaming Up With the NYPD to Push Police Militarization; The Urban Areas Security Initiative appears to be a slush fund for surveillance of activists and police militarization’.

      not the 1033 program, but this one that even funds (tada!) Urban Shield! dhs and “From 2003 through 2015, at least $8.9 billion from taxpayers have been distributed in the form of UASI grants.”

      obama actually cut some of the funding; schumer restored it with his own li’l hands. NYC terrierism! loved this clinton quote: “we need it, we need it, i want it.” not quite as pithy as “we came, we saw, he died”, but ya can just see Teh Tough on her face. ;-) zombies are mentioned in some rehearsal ops….

      • thank you. that walsh piece from CP, while spot on about the US military in other countries, didn’t mention the on-going militarization of the US police.

        OT, another connection b/n HRC (well, Bill), and Big Hair: Jeffrey Epstein, pedophile pander to the pols.

        if ever the world is to be again flooded, like the Netherlands, to kill off its rats…

        • is he the ‘lolita express’ creep? since we’re on the subject of the quadrennial circus anyway, and with all respect due the sandernistas, it looks like his revolution’s already in the Bern Bag:

          “Bernie Sanders will meet with his rival Hillary Clinton on Tuesday to discuss whether her campaign will include progressive ideas like his, he said Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press.

          “I simply want to get a sense of what kind of platform she will be supporting, whether she will be vigorous in standing up for working families and the middle class, moving aggressively in climate change, healthcare for all, making public colleges and universities tuition-free,” said Sanders.

          Sanders said that after the meeting he will decide if he will quit the presidential race or not. ”

          oh, my…we’re waiting on tenterhooks to see Wot He Decides today.

          and who will be the Pied Piper, jason?

          • yes, come meet the light of your life, the fire in your loins, lo-li-ta. trust a murderer to have a fancy airplane w/waiting-to-be-exploited children on it.

            who’s the pied piper? i don’t know, steve jobs? when the s hits the f and society takes its final swirl around the toilet bowl, whoever has a functioning ipad will just play some flashy beeps & notes & lead hordes of lost & bewildered souls into the FEMA camps. “you’ll all get your iphones after you’ve had a nice shower…”

            oh, you mean of the candidates? i think fear of loco lobo Mr. DT’s, w/Bern the border collie assiduously herding the flock, puts the vulpine Hillbot in charge of the chicken coop. if that, uh, cock of a metaphor crows at all.

            • dunno for certain where billy fit into it, but there’s a hella lot of innuendo out there in the lawsuits. power corrupts absolutely. plus his is also white privilege power. the dude’s a sex addict, teflon style, and the crowds love him.

              ah, see, now; you’ve remembered the pied piper more clearly than i had. so many versions, it seems, but most had it that all the chirren he piped over not receiving his payment for drowning the rats in hamelin…either died or were shanghaied into military service.

              zombie jobs it’d have to be, but nah, i wasn’t thinking of candidates. but i do love your mini-vignette.

              telesur: ‘Hillary Clinton proposed an “intelligence surge” in efforts to help thwart potential terrorist attacks.’ she proposing to get smarter or drop out of the race?

              Peace bernie:

              and wth does chris floyd mean here, in an otherwise fine polemic?:

              “(Which is one reason why Bernie Sanders’ ‘revolution’ was doomed from the start: you will never be able to enact any far-reaching reforms on the domestic front unless you dismantle the War Machine that looms over our whole society like a mushroom cloud, devouring precious resources, destroying lives, distorting our political and economic infrastructure beyond all sustainability, and sickening our society with the poisonous radiation of imperialism and authoritarianism.)

              • so the berninator is happy the russkies are involved against ISIS? is that what he means?

                i assume floyd means the berninator was never a serious candidate at all? cuz bern never deviated from obama/killbot foreign policy so the rest of the stuff was, yes virginny, just. for. show. a more engaging dennis kucinich? but equally ready to be bought off? or am i projecting again?

                • well, the bern always said that ‘the saudis needed to get their hands dirty to fight ISIS, as if they weren’t already bombing the shit out of yemen. is there anything left standing in yemen, the forgotten nation in ‘teh war on terr’a?

                  turkey is indeed aiding isis in syia, and the WH has smacked the bejayzus outta roosia for bombing the ‘moderate al qaeda’ armies, or

                  what i’d read into floyd’s comment was *because* bernie had been touting cutting the military expenditures, closing bases, loathed O’s drone kill list, etc., none of which are so. perhaps it’s because there are so many ‘bernie for peace’ avatars out there, and brilliant commentators at ian welsh’s (bernie’s an aowed socialist: no he’s not, but a reform capitalist, amurrikan exceptionalist) and naked capitalism (he’ll be too busy enacting egailitarian domestic reforms to wage moar war!) …also believe it’s so.

                  well, end rant, but the bern will speechify on thursday night to say ‘what’s next’ for his *revolution*. pffffft.

                  oh, my; i need to try for some zzzzzzleep tonight.

  12. Perhaps we could build a wall not just around the country but around every damn thing in it. Maybe that’s where we’re headed. I’m not buying the ISIS angle, this looks like MK Ultra in action. Just seems to convenient. LGBT, ISIS, guns, Trump, couldn’t have been planned better yet it just happened? Well that’s just me, I doubt everything. Maybe my name isn’t even Al.

    • of course your name ain’t Al; it’s Big Al, silly mon. yep, build a wall, bomb em all, sort it out later. on edit: i shouldda said: ‘give everyone a gun’. who said: ‘if more pulse patrons had been armed, fewer would have died’? nope, not charlton heston, but bill clinton.

      but srsly, ISIS? sure they took the credit; why not? and muslims and lgbt are waiting for the next shoe to drop, meanwhile exhibiting incredible solidarity, even the Paris #LoiTravail protests.

      do bern and mme. clinton think IS sprang out of zeus’s forehead or something?

      someone on b’s post gave this link. you’re familiar with tony cartalucci, aren’t you? i’m not even making sense of, i got so worn out in the sunny garden….

      CONFIRMED: FBI Introduced Florida Shooter to “Informants”’

      • Yes, been following Tony for years. The FBI was involved and their track record is real solid. I don’t know, who knows for sure like the Boston Marathon thing. But it smells to high heaven and plays out like something in an oligarchy instructional manual. Of course neither Bernie or Clinton, or Trump for that matter, will admit the U.S. and it’s friends should stop funding and aiding ISIS, using it for their own geopolitical purposes, etc. That tells their story and what they’re about.
        What a mess we have.

        • i guess what i’d meant to ask was if you might be willing to check out his post to decode it an see if there were any *there* there. myself, i just looked at it again, and don’t see it. ny daily news rag? and stories by “pierre’s” team on obliquely related stories? guess that gave it some heft, but remember that “pierre’s” bidness is money, and he gave money to center UA and other NGOs in aid of the putsch in ukraine. how many journalists are employed by the intercept now?

          one of tony’s intercept links goes to trevor aaronson quoting the daily beast? “we cannot confirm”, yada, yada. but really, comey saying snooping on the gay mass murder doesn’t necessarily imply “handling him”, even though that would be totally in the fibbies’ wheelhouse, as we know

          an yet, i reckon they get stuff right some of the time, like the coup against dilma. ;-)

          ah, don’t mind me. i need some zzzzleeep, and i am so sick of the Empire and deluded folks who think it’s ll good. we need good dog soldiers who decide that enough is enough. ;-) turn it up!

  13. Yes, Al(l); the definition of ISIS : US (CIA & Company). If they’d blow down Manhattan+ 3K Americans, all the Sons-of-Bushs’ LEϟϟER false-flags are of even lesser de minimis to them. But, prepare; they’re Nuking FUTS !

  14. slightly OT, but boy the lib media is in full court press on DT’s “irresponsible rhetoric.”

    so i guess “all options are on the table” is no longer true? no doubt, if he hasn’t already, DT will spout the same, but what statement could possible be worse than that? let’s blow up the *whole* planet?

    • two DTs mentioned; is that what you’d meant? but oy; people fall for election rhetoric, esp. on the blue team, methinks. see, mme. chaos thatcher proves that the lion can lie down with the lamb…rhetorically. no matter how many times people (especially librul bloggers?) are warned: watch what they do, not what they say. hell, maybe they’ll even give the queen of chaos the nobel peace prize…on spec and ‘aspirationally’.

      ho ho the angry arab. well, yauss; it’s the fibbie’s gig, and they’ll tell us the truth soon. especially about any friendly-fire deaths.

      watch for more insane congressional curtailment of our civil rights, as is already happening in europe. ha! i have a story in that regard that i’ll try to get together soon, in two other ‘disputed’ territories.

      • same guy. if he hasn’t already, unlikely given all the stupid shit he says, he will undoubtedly say much the same in time. carpet bomb them…with nukes.

        anyway, off to a big Chris Kyle American Hero Parade, w/bullet-shaped chocolates, bulls-eye-over-the-heart and head jello molds and sniper scope shaped funnel cakes. if only one of america’s guidance counselors or mental health experts could have steered one of murka’s many spawns gone satan into the army…he coulda been a contendor. he coulda been somebody. he coulda had class. Big Brother’s supposed to look out for him. in any case, big bro will no doubt give him a splashy movie. also. too.

        love this movie btw.

        • i’d never heard of the movie, small wonder, but i had to goolge/bing chris kyle, and ha! one hit: the intercept! was it jay taber or tarzie who’d quipped it was the day that the place became a gossip rag huffpo. i’ll admit, when i first blogged wondering ‘if a multi-billionaire could really form a site for “fearless investigative journalism”, i mentioned huff-po as a possibility.

          ha and har! 626 comments, to boot.

          hope they have chocolate cartridges inscribed w/ with bible verses as they do at the AF academy in c spings. bring me back one, if they do?

          • oh dawg, that was awful. the comments.

            r.a. heinlein wrote the story, i never read it. apparently it’s a cold war allegory heroizing the great western freedom fighters vs the awful bug-like commies. paul verhoeven (basic instinct, robocop, etc.) took the story & turned it completely on its head. great satire. (and still quite impressive special effects, fwiw). so of course most of the critics & public didn’t get it. the acting is intentionally flat & terrible, so is much of the dialogue, as everyone has become a jarhead full of spam in a Spartan martial society.

            there’s some really disturbing dialogue in the latter 3rd (marines in iraq talking about some truly awful shit they did), but this is mostly scenes of USM self-fluffling interspliced w/scenes of that movie.

            • either brave or crazy of you to have read the comments. uh, were they all duly incensed by the seal’s perfidy? ho.

              but jeezum crow, i just scanned the wiki on the book. won the hugo in 1960, but small wonder i (nor you) read it. i’ll save the clip for later; lots to do here and some of it even in RL. ;-) gotta switch diaries, for one thing: glen for on eritrea just came in thru the mail; later for it as well.

  15. and the angry arab pointed out yesterday that if an arab commie had gone to buy the guns omar mateen did, he would have been stopped in 5 minutes. Stop politicizing this Jason! Let CSI: Orlando do its apolitical work & then tell us how they are going to apolitically protect us all in the future!

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