As the drumbeats for war on Iran grow more thunderous, ‘education is key’

Pt. I:  a flash history of Iran by Nyusha (‘orphan of the revolution’); an epic piece of work by storify, full of artwork, images, archival documents and photos.   Some of the tweets have some of the same text as one above it, but I reckon you may get used to breezing by what’s doubled-up.  Hint: different font sizes.

Nyusha‏ @gole_yaas May 9 All CIA documents are available on … regarding the CIA plan to overthrow the democratic Prime Minister of Iran Mossadegh. MI6 has not released their documents yet, but it does not matter: the evidence is clear, “Through legal, or quasi-legal” methods.

Nyusha‏ @gole_yaas May 9  The CIA mantra given to the protesters “Zendebad Shah,” Long Live the King, was successful and the Shah deposed of Mossadegh permanently, because Roosevelt said they would get rid of Mossadegh regardless. Roosevelt engineered more protests in favour of it. …

Nyusha‏ @gole_yaas May 9 SAVAK was trained by the Israeli MOSSAD and Mohammad Reza Shah supported Israel openly in 1959 by allowing an Israeli trade office to open in Tehran. SAVAK censored media, tortured dissidents, and political organizing became effectively illegal—stark contrast with Mossadegh era.

Nyusha‏ @gole_yaas May 10  ARAB-ISRAELI OIL EMBARGO—1973 Arab-Israel War: Egypt & Syria ally against Israel over illegally-occupied Sinai & Golan Heights. Ends in UN ceasefire. Arab World proclaims oil embargo against all Israel supporters. Oil prices up 470%—US buys oil from Iran instead—Iran GDP up 50%.

Nyusha‏ @gole_yaas May 10 RASTAKHIZ PARTY—1975 Shah abolishes 2-party system, establishes corrupt 1-party, Rastakhiz (Resurgence) Party: “We must straighten out Iranian ranks. To do so, we divide them into 2 categories: those who believe in Monarchy or those related to the outlawed Tudeh Party, traitors.”

if you click the tweet above, you can see the rest of her flash history(53 more tweets);  it’s longish, but full of more archival photos, the ‘fall of the shah’, return of khomeini, jimmy (I never bombed any nation as prez! ‘) carter’s confused policy, the Iran hostages…and more.

My thanks to Nyusha, who writes at

the Wiki on the evils of SAVAK.

and in deep contrast, the poem ‘I Pity the Garden’ by Forugh Farrokhzad Nyusha had linked to above.

6 responses to “As the drumbeats for war on Iran grow more thunderous, ‘education is key’

  1. In one day. Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi defeated the combined powers of Britain and the USSR!

    Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Later, the Shahanshah fled to Rome in order to depose Mossadegh. From there he commanded

    Iranian CIA operatives [, who, by] pretending to be socialists and nationalists[,] threatened Muslim leaders with “savage punishment if they opposed Mossadegh,” thereby giving the impression that Mossadegh was cracking down on dissent earlier than planned, and stirring anti-Mossadegh sentiments within the religious community.

    So fucking clever! Ha ha ha ha.

    Later, the West blew so much smoke up Shahanshah’s ass that the thought he was the reincarnation of Cyrus! Meanwhile, Farrokhzad laments the Persia alienated by crapitalist modernity. Which hospital would tend their garden?

    The Greeks had Icarus killed for going after the sun, i.e. you’re responsible for your striving and failure. OTOH, the Hindus spared Sampati:

    Sampati saved his brother by spreading his own wings and thus shielding Jatayu from the hot flames [of the sun]. In the process, Sampati himself got injured and lost his wings. As a result, Sampati lived wingless for the rest of his life.

    In the crapitalist version, you must be the shields incinerated when they fly too high.

  2. Alright; great stuff/history here.
    Persians invented chess, by the way.
    I’m already quite literate re: Persia thanks to the U.S. hegemon. History has been front and center for 2+ decades. Thanks wd

    • i’d known some of it, but a lot was new to me, so good on you. awesome storify she’s created, though; whoooosh. now that you mention it, i do remember reading that persians had invented chess.

      i particularly like the safavid dynasty from 1501 to 1722 (wiki) art period; i stuck in an extra one at the top. guess we’ll stay tuned for what unfolds as to war on iran…or war by other means. that the US just sold a shit-ton of bunker buster bombs to sunni-ruled bahrain (85% shi’ia, home of the US navy’s 5th fleet) doesn’t bode well.

  3. doesn’t smell right to me…portraying putin as bibi’s lapdog.

    “It was not immediately clear which foreign troops Mr. Putin referred to, as Russia, Iran, the United States and other nations have forces in the country. Mr. Putin said such a withdrawal would be part of a settlement of the country’s long civil war.

    Both Iran and Russian forces are fighting on Mr. Assad’s side in Syria. If Mr. Putin was pointing to Iran’s military presence in Syria — which this month flared into an exchange of hostilities with Israel — his comment could suggest a Russian role in preventing Iran from becoming entrenched there.
    Mr. Putin noted that the Syrian Army had won “significant victories and successes” in the war, according to the Tass news agency, and attention should turn to humanitarian aid and a political settlement.
    “With the start of a political process in its more active phase, foreign armed forces will be withdrawn from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Mr. Putin said.”

  4. I thought about posting a translation of something from Forough Farrokhzad, but all the translations I could find are junk, except a couple in Italian…

    Io non parlo di sussurri timorosi nel buio,
    Io parlo di luce del giorno e di finestre aperte,
    Di aria fresca,
    Di un forno nel quale bruciano cose inutili,
    Di terra resa fertile con un’altra coltura,
    Di nascita, di evoluzione, di orgoglio.

    • thank you for the wiki link; lots of good information there. she died young (32) in a car crash, my stars. well i only know six word in italian, but that one rolls off one’s tongue like a river, doesn’t it? it really may be the most poetic language i know.

      (sheesh; i had to log in again…twice this week. is this site tryin’ to tll me something?)

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