the Pope says abortion is like ‘hiring a hitman’

Via, May 25, 2019: ‘Pope Francis says abortion is like ‘hiring a hitman’ amid heartbeat law protests in the US’

“As the issues of the legality and morality of abortion consume the national debate in the US, Pope Francis has thrown his weight behind the pro-life side, comparing the procedure to hiring an assassin.

The pontiff, who is known for his outspoken aversion to the practice, tore into the proponents of abortion as an inalienable human right. Speaking at an anti-abortion conference in the Vatican on Saturday, he argued that there is no excuse for taking away a human life – even in cases in which the fetus has a debilitating medical condition and the newborn might die at birth or shortly thereafter.

“Is it licit to throw away a life to resolve a problem? Is it licit to hire a hitman to resolve a problem?” Francis asked, stressing that a sick fetus should be provided with all possible care, as should the parents, who need to be prepared to cope with their loss.

“Taking care of these children helps parents to grieve and not only think of it as a loss, but as a step on a path taken together.”

Francis, as the head of the Roman Catholic Church, has not shied away from controversial comparisons before. Last October, he spoke along the same lines, equating abortion with “resorting to a contract killer to solve a problem.” Before that, he compared the practice with a version of the Nazi eugenics program.

While the Vatican’s rhetoric might sound extreme to pro-choice activists who fight against blanket bans on abortions, Francis has reaffirmed the Catholic Church’s centuries-old opposition to the practice, which it considers a mortal sin.

The strongly-worded remark from Francis comes as the issue is grabbing headlines in the US media after half a dozen states passed restrictive anti-abortion bills or are prepared to do so.”

[The rest concerns the penalties in states for doctors who provide terminations, a temporary injunction, and so on.]

Well good, Pontifex: if you don’t want to terminate any of your pregnancies, don’t.  Who in the world should decide for any woman the extent of her reproductive rights, including making it a serious crime for ‘the hitmen’ to secure them?

When the smoke at the Vatican came up white for you, it was said that you’re a devout proponent of Liberation Theology (Marxist Catholicism). 

Given that, I guess you might want to consider issuing a Papal Bull that mandates that your churches around the globe to sell all their gold, jewels, art collections and portfolios in order to offer poor women the chance to be able to afford those babies, most especially the ones with severe medical issues, no?  Shoot, even if were only the Vatican’s massive wealth it would help.  What, $500,000 per family?  Twice that?

And not to call you a hypocrite or anything, but I seem to remember your having beatified west coast Native American hitman Junipero Serra not all that long ago.

“Only God knows how many Indians Serra personally killed, but it was in the hundreds, if not the thousands. He had men garroted, hanged, shot, jailed, and whipped. The Indian women were treated almost as cruelly—they were raped, enslaved and abused. The women were restricted to the houses of the ranchos, and slept in prisons at night.

The first person to expose Serra was the late, great Rupert Costo. A full-blooded Cahuilla Indian, Rupert and his wife Jeanette Henry founded the American Indian Historical Society in 1950. They also wrote numerous books on Indians, founded the first national Indian newspaper (“Wassaja”), and published dozens of books on Indians.”

Sure, we remember your tall, handsome, dishy spokesman noting the ‘not every saint is perfect’ and euphemisms on that order at the time, but few non-Catholics bought that hogwash.  No, I won’t even dig too far into your canonization of Mother Teresa, including all the damage she’d done during her life preaching against condoms and terminations, while ‘nursing AIDS patients’, the spread of which could have been helped by the use of condoms, as would have unwanted pregnancies.  But you’d seen her perform miracles posthumously, it seems.

Come to think of it, isn’t it in your power to undo the dictum that the small percentage of married Catholic priests are required to remain celibate?  What’s up with that?  And then encourage more to marry?  Mightn’t that diminish the number of pedophile priests you’re said to be…dealing with…after all these years?  Or is priestly pedophilia more about exerting power over kids than just libido? 

But meanwhile, may I suggest that you open your Bible and meditate on Fallopians 1:22?

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3 responses to “the Pope says abortion is like ‘hiring a hitman’

  1. It takes one to know one.

  2. Women must produce slaves and Cannon Fodder, no birth control or abortion allowed!

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