a PSA: Green candidate Howie Hawkins has a running mate

Via email from his campaign yesterday:

As our movement continues to gain traction, we came to realize a few things:

  1. The evidence speaks for itself. People have grown tired of having their needs ignored by a corrupt establishment and are rallying to the Green Party to help build a fair and sustainable future for our country.
  2. The issues that our campaign is championing truly are the issues that resonate most with the American people. The support that we have received and the stories that you have shared with us only solidify that this movement towards an Ecosocialist Green New Deal is exactly what the country needs to navigate these trying times in our history.
  3. It was time to announce a running mate for Vice President.
    The ideal running mate had to be someone with experience on the front-lines of these issues. They had to be someone with the ability to communicate with language and conviction that others can understand and believe. Fortunately, she answered the call!

We are pleased to announce that Howie’s first choice all along, Angela Walker, has accepted the invitation to be the Vice Presidential nominee of our 2020 campaign.

Angela Walker is a veteran working-class activist with decades of experience working for racial and economic justice in social movements, unions, and as an independent or third-party candidate. Angela already has experience running for vice president as the Socialist Party USA picked her as their vice-presidential candidate in 2016.

As a public transit bus driver and Legislative Director of her Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) local in Milwaukee, Angela was in the middle of the Winter-Spring 2011 Wisconsin Uprising against Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting attack on the collective bargaining of public employees. In the Fall of 2011, Angela played a leading role in Occupy Milwaukee and the Milwaukee chapter of Occupy the Hood, which sought to represent the interests of oppressed people and bring people of color into the Occupy Movement.

In 2014, Angela ran as an independent socialist for sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Her opponent was the incumbent David Clarke, the cowboy-hat-wearing conservative Fox News regular who had been appointed sheriff by a Republican governor and re-elected three times as a Democrat. Angela won 20% of the vote with the message that the best way to cut street crime and violence was to fight poverty and economic frustration with living wages, affordable housing, grocery stores in food desserts, and access to good health care and public transit. She pledged no cooperation with ICE on the detention of immigrants without court-ordered warrants.

When Howie reached out to Angela in Florence, South Carolina, where she now lives working as a dump truck driver, she said, “How could I not say yes to running? The Green Party is in a great position to amplify the people’s power, and we’ve got to encourage people to use their power. If not now, when?”

Howie had not planned on choosing a running mate until the Green Party convention in July because it did not seem appropriate before the nomination.

But the Ecosocialist movement is continuing to grow and we could not wait to bring Angela’s passion and contagious energy to the team. She is a champion of everything that we value and are campaigning for.

Angela has risen to every occasion and is dedicated to our goal of creating a just and thriving world that honors the needs of human beings and the life of the planet itself.

We are incredibly excited to have her with us!

Watch her on Howie’s Q&A #5 and don’t forget to subscribe to Howie’s channel so that you don’t miss any of the regular live streams where we are taking YOUR questions!

Click here to donate to the campaign today and receive your ebook download of The Case for an Independent Left Party.

Our fundraising comes from grassroots donations. Your donation matters and empowers us to continue to fight to be represented on every ballot in every state.

Be sure to also follow and support Angela on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Thank you for standing with us!

Team Howie

Yeppers, I remember him well. Sheriff David Clark was indeed a dangerous wack job.  This is his Wiki  page.

4 responses to “a PSA: Green candidate Howie Hawkins has a running mate

  1. Thank you, wendye! That was a very informative link to the Green Party candidates. They have a fight to win, are well spoken, likeable, experienced – what more can I say? In my book they already have won!

    • i really loved angela walker! smart, great CV, and knew a ton about covid19 lockdowns and privatizing schools, (creating online schools a la bill gates’ core knowledge rubbish) in minneapolis, part of that story i’d entered into my ‘bloomberg, gates, and schmidt walked into a bar’ via naked capitalism in comments at c99%.

      well, i mixed it up a bit, but i hope you get my drift. eugenicist bill gates will also be ‘reimaginig health care and corona virus.

      on the right side chat comments a few dunderheads were jazzed up about jesse ventura’s having said he’d run for green prez, howie was politie. but i checked ventura’s twit account and he says ‘nope, not this time’. i reckon i wouldn’t care for him.

      bless your heart for commenting; there is exactly one comment over yonder on my cross-post. guess no one cares much for howie, nor the greens.

  2. One does get the feeling that most comments, even on the virus are politically skewed to either of the non-entities, those being R and D. Of course the video mightn’t be circulated, but it really should- all other things political seem focussed on putting things back the way they were, and surely we need something new. I liked the simple way Howie connected with Angela – that was good to see. They are different enough to be a good combination, but whether folk can really make a huge resolve at least if the two keep making such videos and the darkness of the present doesn’t prevent any kind of campaigning at least they are something to watch and talk about other than badmouthing the other two sets.

    I’m very grateful, wendye. I like them. Even if they don’t stand the proverbial snowball’s chance. Thanks for bringing that video. I will pass it on. Gonna send it to my daughter-in-law first up. She and my newest grandson (born on my birthday) are pretty sure they’ve encountered the virus – he had it first and then passed it onto her and he was a mighty sick little baby. Doctors at the emergency ward said it was Corona right when we were only just starting hearing about it happening in China. They said ‘not the bad one’ but how would they have known back then when we didn’t have any tests? We think it was.

    So she and my son get to hear about Howie and Angela, first up!

  3. dayum; i just lost my comment when my mouse jumped. short version:

    yes, they’re great together, and kevin zeese had said on the Q&A comments on the right sidebar that they’d be on the young turks soon, but hadn’t mentioned the blowhard cenk’s name, but a different bloke.

    glad your grandson and DiL are better, but the earlier edition of cornona was Sars2, iirc, this one’s novel Sars2…or something like that. but the science is so confusing depending on sources, i’ve tried hard to stop even reading. check that: when bill gates enters the Big Picture on vaccines, health passports, etc. i do sometimes read…a bit. ; )

    love to you, and a belated happy mum’s day, ww.

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