Ferguson: Tearing the Band-Aid Off Racism and the Police State; GJ Announcement to Come Soon?

How many in this nation are courageous enough even to face the truth, much less protest it, or join in solidarity with all the oppressed who are denied justice in Ferguson, and all the other Fergusons across the land? Are you and they…willing to imagine being in the black underclass, living in a place where dissent has been deemed ‘terrorism’, or that municipal courts use trumped up charges and fines as a way to fill their coffers (think: Negro- and Pauper-farming)? Where one might be stopped and searched a hundred times in a year, as still happens in NYC? Or dispatched like rabid dogs as in ABQ, NYC, or anywhere else in this ‘exceptional land. Can we be in solidarity with them is any material way? Often that’s all that’s left to us so far away. More on those ways at the bottom…

To dispense with the reported timing of the Darren Wilson Grand Jury’s coming announcement, according to CNN’s ‘sources’… the Grand Jury will meet Friday for what might be its final session, and a decision on whether or not to indict Wilson could come that day, LEOs briefed on the plans said.

St. Louis County prosecutors are preparing to present more evidence to the grand jury before starting deliberations, and a decision on an indictment is expected soon after, the law enforcement officials said.

If a decision comes Friday, prosecutors are expected to provide law enforcement with 48 hours notice before making a public announcement, possibly on Sunday. announcement, possibly on Sunday.’

…putting aid to the notion that the grand jurors will decide when they’ve seen or heard enough evidence. The current plans could still change and prosecutors could shift the planned grand jury session, the officials said. More disinformation? Who knows? He and the PTB can keep ‘providing evidence’ until Jan.1.

Meanwhile, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay has ordered 400 National Guard troops for his city, saying that they’d be wearing normal uniform so as not to appear militarized, but heck: don’t flip out if they don their personal protective gear!

In what may be one of the most helpful, as well as hideous, recent projects of Anonymous hacktivists, both OpFerguson and AnonCopWatch have been deep at work unHooding the local Knights of the Ku Klux Clan (see faces and bios at the link). The incentive was provided by pamphlets the Klan had been distributing in Ferguson that said they would use lethal force to protect citizens and property from them. The group also used DDoS attacks to shut down their various website and Twitter accounts, often replacing them with images of colorful rainbows and white unicorns.

In reaction, different Klan members have threatened to shoot anyone in Ferguson wearing a Guy Fawkes mask; how lovely.

They’ve discovered so far that a few po-po’s are Klan members, at least one corrections officer, and are at work corroborating what they say are Darren Wilson’s ‘ties’ to the white-hooded racist psychopaths, and may publish the info twelve hours from now. They’ve spent extra attention on Imperial High Wizard Frank Ancona, who recently told reporters that they do not hate people. No; they just threaten them with death.

Now the Klan a$$holes, both male and female, are obvious racist haters (and often anti-Semitic), but one is forced to wonder about the supporters of Darren Wilson, one of whom in photos has been outed as Klan, and given that the White Hoods have raised a lot of money for his ’defense’, but also at the levels of ugly racism of the many trolls who had pretty much taken over the old #Ferguson Twit account until it livened up again yesterday with reports of last night’s protests at the Cop Shop. Some said that there were as many media there as protestors, and more cops than both.

But six were arrested last night, including one clergy member, Rev. Rebecca Ragland. All seem to have been results of ‘snatch and grab’ tactics; some dragged on the ground. ShordeeDooOp (Nettaaaaaa) has vine images from last night; scroll down; or this one.

As was tweeted, these arrests will be wholly different than those that came before Jay Nixon’s State of Emergency order, and those on the ground believe that the arrest of Bassem masri, who filmed for LiveStreams often, was grabbed as he approached the area; his comrades reckon he’ll be held until after the GJ announcement. They also smashed his camera phone.

Anon Cop Watch @AnonCopWatch · 10h 10 hours ago

Police call @bassem_masri “Leader of Anonymous in Ferguson” then arrest him. In other news, #OpKKK discovers ties between KKK and police.

Hmmm. If they’re after him for being an Anon, he may be not even get bail; I hope we’ll her soon. The St. Louis county PD Twitter account seemed to have taken offense at his following them.

. Protestors’ and LiveStreamers’ vehicles and houses have been broken into over the past two days; no news on what was stolen or ruined, as far as I’ve read. A jolt of polemical reality: ‘Police Are the Problem – Anonymous’

I’d ask you to imagine how it feels to be black in Ferguson, or a member of the black underclass anywhere in the US, understanding the levels of malevolence aimed at especially black males in post-racial Amerikka. To see up close and personal the vitriol from the Klan and other bigots must be insane, and of course gives them all incentive to fight against systemic racism and injustice until one day, one day…one day… I’ve loved the recent trend of seeing Tweeted messages that those whites in solidarity with them not only empathize just naturally, but also that they they (we) are realizing that we can be next, and that it’s also a class issue, not just solely a race issue.

One fascinating piece of information has come to light that protestors and supporter have longed to know since his killing by police: the name of the ‘off-duty’ cretin of a man who had shot VonDerritt Meyers in what seems to have been: cold blood. We would not have known now except for a bit of serendipitous ‘mistake’. From stltoday.com:

‘A lawyer for the family of VonDerrit Myers Jr., who was killed by an off-duty police officer, publicly disclosed the patrolman’s name this week and said his comments on social media show political and racial biases that reflect upon the shooting.

The officer’s name is listed on an evidence envelope that was inadvertently included with Myers’ body when it was delivered to the funeral home, said Jermaine Wooten, one of the family’s lawyers.’

Police would not confirm the name of Jason H. Flanery as the killer, but the Dispatch says that they have confirmed it independently.

Rather than go into the evolving, constantly changing St. Louis PD narrative about the circumstances of Myers having been blown away by Flanery, I’ll refer you to this great work by Shaun King from Oct. 10: Why does the St. Louis PD keep changing their story about the killing of VonDerrit Myers?’ It gives one insight into why the PD’s Twitter account has been used very sparingly since that time.

The public is still in the dark about which cop killed Kajieme Powell, but in that case, the po-po narrative doesn’t fit the facts and videos, either. HuffPo calls the variations “at odds”.

Ferguson Art, as: Oppression so often breeds art.

Artist Molly Crabapple has produced a video replete with her wonderful watercolors, ‘How Ferguson showed us the truth about police’.

Art of a dark sort, Anonymous has produced ‘Ethnic cleansing in #USA ►NO more POLICE KILLINGS’ in advance of their call for Nov. 22 international protests against police killing, ‘No Justice, No Peace’. The ‘more’ under the vimeo names the murdered shown in flashes, including James Boyd, Michael Brown, Kelly Thomas. Hard to watch, to say the least.

Anon also updated the CSN&Y song ‘Ohio’ recently; you can guess why.

To contribute to the Ferguson Bail Support Fund; new: Winter Gear For #Ferguson; Help Us Help Us All! They are indeed in it for the long hall. This, in a city with no homeless shelter, no jobs, and in sub-freezing weather. Imagine the costs the cities are choosing to incur to protect One Killer Cop. LiveStreamers have aked for financial help; I;ll provide a link when I find it again. ‘Help Basem Nasri get him another (phone) here: https://fundly.com/keep-me-streaming# …

This is the most recent Words to Action Ferguson newsletter; sign up here to receive newsletters in your mailbox as they come out.

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3 responses to “Ferguson: Tearing the Band-Aid Off Racism and the Police State; GJ Announcement to Come Soon?

  1. Otherwise, it was a good day for KXL, Hoka hey?

  2. wasn’t that fine? lakota oyate greg grey cloud. and friends. :)


    i’d tried to see if any footage showed them, not just the grumpulous liz warren.

  3. OK the pretense of the Democrats ‘taking a noble stand” in the XL pipeline votes.

    Does anyone here actually believe this stage managed Kabuki Theater? Democrats ‘taking a stand” now that it is already known that the Repubs will come in to the US Senate as majority leaders and the count has already been done. the XL pipeline will pass the next vote by about 60 votes.

    Then Obama will pretend to oppose it, will sign it into law anyway and then the Dems can use it as a rally point to get their base to support them. Then if they do well the betrayals will come, when they have a majority and the entire cycle of Kabuki theater of pretend opposition will start over again.

    In the meantime, we need to start organizing resistance. Both in regards to the Enbridge Tar Sands and Ferguson etc etc etc

    This is not cynicism. this is political reality.

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