Compromised NGOs Part II

amnesty afghan-bus-shelter-ad (1)

As I’d said about Part I, some of this diary might cause readers discomfort in varying measures.  All I’d ask is that you set aside your preconceptions for a bit to examine some of the facts and opinions, and gauge how much of it resonates, even over time, as…believable.  I’ll wait until Part III to discuss organizational and personal Liberal Climate Change media  brands; those may be harder to accept, as I’ve discovered only too well in the past.

First I’d like to talk about Amnesty International by using the understandings of Sonia Tejada: ‘Amnesty in the Twilight of Human Rights and Imperialism’, as well as the very damning photograph above.  I was thrilled to find it, as I had a similar Libyan version that burned up with one of my past laptops, and I had tried and failed to find it again online….anywhere.  My recollection as to whether the Libyan one was HRW or AI is quite fuzzy, though.  A few pithy clips:

“I have been a supporter of Amnesty International for years, because I care deeply about the causes it promotes. However, I find myself at odds supporting an organization that condones military intervention as a mean of advancing human rights. I am unequivocally opposed to all wars, because there are no good wars. I reject all forms of imperialism, colonization and oppression of foreign nations. This past week, Amnesty came under fire for a poster it displayed, urging NATO to safeguard women’s rights in Afghanistan. The poster reads, NATO: Keep the Progress Going. I saw the poster and my blood started to boil, because NATO and progress should not be in the same sentence.

It’s an insult that Amnesty is asking NATO to safeguard the progress made on women’s rights in Afghanistan, when NATO has been assassinating their children, fathers and brothers for the past ten years. Is that the progress Amnesty wants NATO to preserve? I think that Afghan women deserve better.” (the rest is here

She notes that the West would have done their bidding in Syria save for China and Russia (I’d add, and the UK’s Parliament).


Humanitarian Bombs by Anthony Freda

Avaaz, the largest NGO whose name you’ve probably never even heard 

Their website is a glorious testament to effective World in Action™ citizen power, isn’t it?  And they may actually do some good things.  But they are also pimps for Western military adventures, preferring (ahem) light-skinned people…For instance:

‘Rio Summit “Good Versus Evil” Advert Displays Blatant Racism and Imperialism at Core of Avaaz’,

avaaz rio summit

 (The Avaaz “Good Versus Evil” campaign for the Rio Summit (Rio+20 on Sustainability, 2012) . Above: A downloadable poster as found on the Avaaz Press Centre published in the Financial Times. Vilification: Note the dark cast/ugly sky behind the leaders Avaaz would wish you to believe are “evil,” versus the light and sun shining through over the Imperialist, obstructionist “leaders” that Avaaz is attempting to convince you are “good.”)

Edward Bernays smiles from the afterlife…’s 2007 ‘Climate Wake Up Call’  (who got da gun, who got da teddy bear?)

Café Babylon: ‘Introducing Avaaz’, (and their campaign against Burundi.), Jan. 3, 2016  (And from Ann Garrison at blackagendareport: ‘African Union Refuses to Invade Burundi’, Tue, 02/02/2016, a month later.)

Ah, shoot (so to speak), the wrong kind of green collective have too many exposés on: ‘“Human Rights” front groups (“Humanitarian Interventionalists”) Warring on Syria’ and ___ (fill in the blank).  This one’s Syria, never mind Libya, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and the beat goes on.  Dark, if they’re right about MSF,  But Roth at HRW: a toady to the Imperium for certain.

‘Activists Want the U.S. Institute of Peace to Favor Peace’ by David Swanson


“George Orwell, had he lived to see USIP, might have been less surprised than most. In fact, USIP was created by a law signed by President Ronald Reagan in the year 1984, the year for which Orwell had named his dystopian novel back in 1948, when the U.S. Department of War had just been renamed the Department of Defense, and its mission of offensive war-making had been clearly announced to observers fluent in doublespeak. ”The Orwellian U.S. Institute for Peace is staffed and steered by some of our most committed proponents for war and mayhem, many of whom are in the revolving door between government and military contractors,” Alice Slater tells me. Slater is New York Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and serves on the Coordinating Committee of World Beyond War.

Instead of supporting efforts for diplomacy and peaceful settlement of disputes,” she continues, “the ill-named Peace Institute advises Congress and the press on how [the United States] can bomb and arm nations around the world. We need to replace the warmakers with peacemakers and have an Institute that really serves the cause of peace in the 21st century when war is so obviously unworkable.”
 “…the Institute is designed to further U.S. empire and create a unipolar world where the United States dominates economically, militarily and politically.”

He includes a (broken now) link to a petition the USIP with text indicating that “the USIP claims that it is forbidden to oppose U.S. wars or to lobby against them or to promote peaceful alternatives to contemplated military actions, a careful reading of the 1984 law that created USIP reveals that this just isn’t so. In fact, USIP regularly lobbies the rest of the U.S. government and the U.S. public in favor of wars, including the overthrow of the Syrian government — and occasionally against wars, as in the case of USIP’s support for the nuclear agreement with Iran.”

‘On the Eve of an Illegal Attack on Syria, Avaaz/ Board Members Beat the Drums of War’, Aug 30, 2013


“Here’s the awful truth: even if every person, every automobile, and every factory suddenly emitted zero emissions, the earth would still be headed, head first and at full speed, toward total disaster for one major reason. The military produces enough greenhouse gases, by itself, to place the entire globe, with all its inhabitants large and small, in the most imminent danger of extinction.” — Barry Sanders, The Green Zone

Read the rest and watch’s Van Jones pimpin’ for war (but ask Congress!…and…wretch.

The second place in carbon emissions is factory agriculture, promoted at every moment by the glorious philanthropists touting Monsanto and Sygenta’s genetically modified corp seeds and chemicals in the name of ‘efficiency and feeding the world’s hungry, but…yes to ‘the military’s being #1!!!!  Of course, the ‘world’s agriculturalists are NOT hungry for their shite, but dying of it.  (see India’s Vandana Shiva, for one)


Ah, phooey; sometimes all that’s left is to laugh and dance!  (South African singer Titi Tsira;  woot!

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11 responses to “Compromised NGOs Part II

  1. HRW reTweet:

    link goes to: A Law Beyond Improvement, Published in Open Democracy

    well, evil putin…again. crikey.

  2. “Here’s the awful truth: even if every person, every automobile, and every factory suddenly emitted zero emissions, the earth would still be headed, head first and at full speed, toward total disaster for one major reason. The military produces enough greenhouse gases, by itself, to place the entire globe, with all its inhabitants large and small, in the most imminent danger of extinction.” — Barry Sanders, The Green Zone

    As I have indicated elsewhere, that is only half (at the very least, the truth about the greenhouse gases produced by the military.

    “The Paris COP was striking in the sheer volume of claims that were stated as truths without any attempt to provide proof or even admit the need for any. Climatism is now unconnected to facts, evidence or logical argument. It explains why both political and climate fact-checkers are widely ignored.”

  3. There’s bullshit-

    and Billshit:

    with seamless self-referential consonance!

  4. we just discovered our phone is down, and the repair person won’t come until mebbe monday. the last two or three times this happened recently, the internet went down as well after a bit. if i’m absent…that’s what’s up.

    • Just discovered WI is getting $577M in funds accumulated through our monthly phone bill Universal Service Fee (tax) to improve broadband in underserved rural areas. The only restriction placed on the funds is that it be spent within 3 years, no quality, reliability, bandwidth, or price controls for money we’ve already paid in and continue to pay in. Three major telecartels in WI and why you might not be back before Monday, here.

      Frontier CEO Dan McCarthy
      Total compensation (2014): $3,979,239
      Total compensation (2013): $2,611,725
      Salary: $658,333
      Other compensation (stock awards, bonuses, etc.): $3,320,906
      Duration with company: Since 1990

      Verizon Communications CEO Lowell McAdam
      Total compensation (2014): $18,306,509
      Total compensation (2013): $15,826,606
      Salary: $1,580,769
      Other compensation (stock awards, etc.): $16,725,740
      Duration with company: Since 2000 (inception of Verizon Wireless)

      AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson
      Total compensation (2014): $23,984,315
      Total compensation (2013): $23,247,167
      Salary: $1,691,667
      Other compensation (stock awards, etc.): $22,292,648
      Duration with company: Since 1982

      Stockholders I’m sure are happy to be assured of dividends in the foreseeable. Don’t hear our governor complaining about strings attached to the Federal money as when he refused $24M that was specified to go to public schools and public libraries about three years ago.

      • oddly, our internet is still up; i can’t figure it out, to say the truth.

        oof, sooner or later those numbers add up to some serious money. ;-) we have quest, now…century link. but as we live in the tulies, all of the old phone trunk lines are degrading. they’d allegedly hooked us up to the only uncompromised one left, but then again…maybe a squirrel ate some wiring, lol.

        damned near everything here is breaking down or blowing up, it”s getting depressing when we either fix/replace stuff ourselves, or take it to other folks who…can’t fix stuff.

        i got some email from obomba about connecting everyone, but according to bill gates, it’s as much about social consumer networks or some such. soft power to spread ‘the consciousness they want us to exhibit’. yeah, ive been reading too much about the propaganda machines.

        oh, my, the coyotes are in close, and not just howling, but barking ruh-ruh at intervals, swear to gawd. odd-bodkins.

        nah, walker’s rejections are entirely political, aren’t they? bidness will benefit from alla this. a win-win, eh? hope you’re well, and that ya played ‘Yahamba’ up loud. mind-blowing, srsly.

        • Love the music, thanks.

          On your topic and the mention of industrial agriculture. The county next to us with a population of about 30K humans is up to over 100K animal units manufacturing manure equivalents to 2M people every day. Our state majority fascists are rushing to completely remove oversight over permitting new, extraction limits on existing or transfers of high capacity water wells, before they end their sessions this and next week. From the austerity lab rat state of WI. later, luv ya.

          • those figures are obscene, and so are the WI fascists. but i was also thinking of the devastation to the atmosphere by the Green Revolution’s factory farming. monocrops, huge fields with intensive mega-tractors and fossil fuels, no cover crops, so water depletion…over-spraying killing other plants, removing all the post-dust bowl shelter-belt hedge rows to make…room. cripes, the central valley has lost obscene feet, yards, of elevation due to aquifer’s depletion. even extracting oil for nitrate fertilizers, then processing them, has to contribute significantly.

            oh, and stir in the ‘market efficiency’ of transporting crops all over hell and gone, processing them, then shipping them again… and the amount of GHG that comes from that. wow, are we stupid. i’ve forgotten how the diminishing wetlands factors in, but vendana shiva says that they are incredibly efficient carbon sinks.

  5. Human Rights Watch: The Empire’s Human Rights Group‘By: Joe Emersberger (includes videos)

    an infuriating exposé; it opens with:

    “Human Rights Watch’s latest World Report is filled with imperial assumptions and misinformation.
    In its 2016 World report, Human Rights Watch shows how deeply it shares the U.S. government’s concern about its declining influence in Latin America.

    Executive director Ken Roth does not see the U.S. and its EU allies as the most abusive and dangerous states in the world – something the ongoing destruction of Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan should make clear to anyone. In Latin America, hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost due to U.S. backed coups and “counterinsurgency” in the past half century – all motivated by the U.S. government’s efforts to maintain a dominant role in the region. Last year, brushing aside millions of victims, Roth proclaimed the United States to be “the most powerful proponent of human rights.” He conceded that the United States has “faults,” and added that the world is “rightly suspicious of the U.S. government’s agenda, so Human Rights Watch is careful to maintain our independence from U.S. foreign policy.” In fact, it exerts negligible effort to be independent as showed by its response to a petition signed by over 100 scholars and activists (including a few Nobel Laureates).”

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